Erica Grover slams “scared and sketchy” Gabi Garcia for “handpicking” her opponents

Erica Grover is not happy with the number-one heavyweight fighter in the world, Gabi Garcia. Grover feels as though Garcia does not deserve to be number-one, due to her refusal to accept fights against the top contenders.

Grover feels as though Gabi Garcia hasn’t proven her number-one position in the heavyweight world rankings.

Earlier this week, Garcia (4-0, 1 NC) revealed she was not interested in fighting the former super-middleweight kickboxing world champion who announced she is moving to MMA in a bid to take out Garcia, Barbara Nepomuceno.  Garcia believes Nepomuceno’s kickboxing losses against Katya Kavaleva and Val Stanski make her unworthy of fighting her.

Grover (1-1), the number-five heavyweight in the world, feels as though Garcia should be accepting all top challenges. She doesn’t feel as if Garcia can truly claim the number-one spot due to being “scared” of the top contenders.

She should be interested in fighting whomever calls her out. If she thinks it’s not worth the fight she’s certainly entitled to her opinion but why not accept and put your money where your mouth is so to speak?” Grover said.

If you’re ranked number-one you should accept all challengers or you can’t claim really to be number one right?” Grover continued.

Grover believes Garcia should either rematch Oxana Gagloeva, or begin accepting fights against top contenders.

I say rematch and/or fight the top ranked fighters and then and only then can you claim to be ranked number one” Grover said.

Picking and choosing who to fight makes you look scared and sketchy, show your skill and work in the cage and stop trying to hand pick fights. You wanna be number one and claim to be, then accept all challengers and defend your claim” explained Grover.

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  1. Normally, I would not give much credence to what a 1-1 fighter might say, but in this case, and given the lack of depth at HW, she is spot on. At 4-0, Gabi should not be dictating who she fights, Rizin should.

  2. Gabi never chose an opponent. All her opponents were chosen by Mr. Sakakibara from Rizin. If you think otherwise, show any evidence that she has rejected a fight or any fighter. She did not refuse to fight anyone for a simple reason: she does not even have the power to decide. What she did recently was express her opinion about other fighters, and she considered them ridiculously weak. The other fighters have the right to express what they think, and so does she. To form an opinion on Kavaleva or Nepomuceno, it is sufficient to see this video:

    1. I certainly can’t prove otherwise so I’ll acquiesce to your statement. Thanks for the video, but in their defense, it appears that it was the end of their fight when they were too exhausted to throw a decent punch; something far too common in men’s HW divisions as well. I never saw the fight. Hopefully, their first two rounds weren’t as pathetic as the Holm/Correia fight’s first two rounds. As far as zombies go, Katya Kavaleva and Barbara Nepomuceno didn’t look much different than Gabi’s stand-up with Anna Malyukova.

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