Emotional day for Destanie Yarbrough, reveals personal experience which she can finally put closure to

It’s been an emotional day for heavyweight contendor Destanie Yarbrough. In a public post on social media she tells fans about an incident that occurred 4 or 5 years ago in which she has had ups and downs in her life ever since. Today she can finally put it to a close. Take a look at the post below.

Yarbrough shares personal story with fans.

I had to shed tears today but don’t worry they were happy tears. Today I got great news that a case I had on my record for a couple years has been dismissed!! About 4 or 5 years ago I made a mistake and paid my dues because of it. Ever since then my life has had some major ups and downs and it held me back from A LOT! I struggled so much so much because of that night but now, finally I can fully breathe! Hands in the air as the rain it’s my smiling face! Refreshing! The weight that has been crushing me for many years is now gone!
I can now move fully forward with my life!!
Feels so good!!

Destanie Yarbrough is one of the women set to revolutionize women’s MMA as part of the heavyweight division.

Yarbrough is currently one of the ladies competing in the women’s heavyweight division. She is passionate about bringing mainstream attention to the women’s heavyweight division much like Ronda Rousey did for the bantamweight division. She told us in a previous interview “At the end of my career I want to be able to say I help paved the way for heavier weight classes in the women’s division. To be able to say I was the Welterweight or Heavyweight Champion of the world. I want to be proud of inspiring other women to get into the Mixed Martial Arts word! Non-the-less I want to be able to say I’m proud of myself with no regrets! Believe to Achieve!”.

26 year old Yarbrough, made her MMA debut back in April 2016 when she defeated Crystal Parson in the very first round via TKO. She showed excellent stand-up skills, and is by far one of the most skilled heavyweights to actually prove it in MMA competition, when it comes to that aspect of the sport. She faced off against the number one heavyweight fighter in the world Gabi Garcia in September. She was taken to the ground by the much bigger Garcia in round one and then submitted via a keylock. She has since revealed she is keen for a rematch, and says next time she will let her hands loose more.

Destanie Yarbrough is currently the number two ranked heavyweight fighter in the world.

Take a look at her Pro MMA debut against Crystal Parson below:


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