Destanie Yarbrough on women’s heavyweight division: “We want a belt to fight for”

RIZIN Fighting Federation star Destanie Yarbrough has spoken in detail about the growth of the women’s heavyweight division in women’s MMA.

Yarbrough wants to see a women’s heavyweight championship belt.

Yarbrough feels as though the division needs a belt for the competitors to fight for, she believes this will help to get the division fully established.

The heavyweight division is slowly but surely rising. Those who look past us can’t ignore us forever. I know some organizations are making moves and shaking the tables with our divisions light heavyweight and heavyweights. Patience is what all us fighters have to keep along with perseverance and our passion to get us established” Yarbrough told WMMA Rankings.

Despite the typical girl drama we have amongst each other, I love that we have so many ladies willing to fight in that cage at our weight! It drives me to want this more and more. In knowing that, I do know for a fact that we all have the same goal/goals! We want a belt to fight for and like I said before for our division/divisions to be established” she continued.

The 27-year-old made her professional MMA debut in April 2016, knocking out Crystal Parson in the very first round. She was quickly signed by RIZIN Fighting Federation, losing to Gabi Garcia in her promotional debut by way of a keylock submission. Despite the loss, Yarbrough is still considered one of the best heavyweight fighters in the world and has made it known she wants a rematch with Garcia, she plans to let her hands loose more if a second fight was to come to fruition.

Yarbrough still feels as though MMA has a long way to go in terms of growth as a sport, she also has a message for doubters of her division.

MMA is still a young sport, I think only about 24 years. The fact that we’ve grown this much is amazing but there is still work to be done and weight classes to be established. In due time the world will see us and know we are for real” Yarbrough explained.

For those doubters and haters of us women fighting & fighting for what we believe in, they can all suck on our positivity and choke on our confident ambitions! Light/Heavyweights need love too” she stated.

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Fight fans, would you like to see the women’s heavyweight division be given a belt to fight for? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Too bad. First, the division needs to be established with fighters having more than one or two fights under the belt, a pecking order needs to be established, before any Title belt should be on the line.

    1. Exactly. The depth of the HW & LHW divisions are abysmal and the talent, sorry to say, is questionable. I would not be surprised if Cyborg could rule every division above 135. Until the divisions are built up more with a deeper pool of competitive fighters, the different organizations should make 136+ the women’s heavyweight division.

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