Destanie Yarbrough reveals recent encounter with Dana White in which she asked for a women’s heavyweight division

RIZIN Fighting Federation Destanie Yarbrough recently bumped into UFC president Dana White and decided to ask him to open a women’s heavyweight division.

Yarbrough wants to see the UFC add a women’s heavyweight division.

The 26-year-old talked about the encounter in a public post on her Facebook page.

Just met Dana White in Vegas!! He walked up to my car after I called for him and shook mine and my brother’s hands!! Asked him to open up a women’s heavyweight division! lol #UFC#TakeChances” Yarbrough wrote.

Yarbrough is currently the number-three ranked heavyweight fighter in the world. She made her MMA debut back in April 2016 when she defeated Crystal Parson in the very first round via TKO. She showed excellent stand-up skills, and is by far one of the most skilled heavyweights when it comes to the striking aspect of the sport. She faced off against the number one heavyweight fighter in the world Gabi Garcia last September, losing by way of a first round submission. She has since revealed she is keen for a rematch, and says next time she will let her hands loose more.

(Click HERE to view the WMMA heavyweight world rankings).

Fight fans, what do you think? Should the UFC add a women’s heavyweight division? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. Yea I don’t see why not. They have heavyweight boxing. There is heavyweight in other martial arts. Why do women always got to fight for something. Why can’t there just be an even playing field. As the saying is “if you build it they will come” this was true for this story in baseball. But the saying fits in all aspects. MMA IS POPULAR. It will also grow. Heavyweight women’s division will grow. It will also inspire those big girls that have had to struggle with thier bodies to do something positive. I see alot of great potential and growth. SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE A STAND FOR THOSE HEAVY WEIGHT WOMAN. SOMEONE HAS TO BELIEVE.
    As my daughter says and she has used as her motto thru her struggles since Jr high.
    “BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE” Destanie Yarbrough
    Mom loves and believes in you. Your a fighter for yourself and up and coming young women. You have ambition and dreams so dream big and be the voice.

  2. Not enough depth yet. Why not let Invicta FC take the lead here and build the talent. Start too early and you have Gabi Garcia swinging those godawful punches on a PPV. Gabi is growing, but shouldn’t do so on the biggest stage.

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