Destanie Yarbrough: “MMA fans outside the United States are more accepting of female heavyweights”

Destanie Yarbrough returns to action at this Saturday’s ROAD FC 45 event when she battles Begimzhan Kasymova.

Destanie Yarbrough wants the women’s heavyweight division to be taken more seriously.

Yarbrough (1-1) will be returning to competition following a 15-month layoff. She made a successful professional debut in April 2016, knocking out Crystal Parson in the first round. She lost out in her follow-up contest, a first-round submission against Gabi Garcia.

The 27-year-old discussed her upcoming fight in a recent interview with ROAD FC.

I have to admit, I was shocked and nervous when ROAD FC contacted me, because I don’t know a lot about the county. Experiencing the fans is an affair I look forward to. I know fighting in Seoul, South Korea for Road FC is going to be incredible, and I can’t wait!” Yarbrough said.

I greatly look forward to this match. I have watched my opponent’s debut fight video countless times. Her fight was quick like my first match. I see us keeping it on the feet. She has a strong background in striking and so do I, so I feel we will stand toe to toe and throw our hands and kicks. It should be an exciting match!” she continued.

Yarbrough wants to see the female heavyweight division be taken more seriously. She says she won’t stop paving the road until a championship belt is available.

Personally, I feel MMA fans outside the United States are more accepting of female heavy- and open weight fighters. I hope and believe that the women’s heavy- and open weight divisions will grow via depth in fighters, fans, popularity, and significance. I feel at this moment we are seen as a “joke” in the sport; there are promoters, organizations, and people who see us as “fat chicks” – unpleasant and distasteful to their eyes. My response to those people is always, ‘To each his own!‘” Yarbrough explained.

We are a determined and powerful group of women, in and out of the cage. We will not stop paving this road until we can claim a championship belt.

ROAD FC 45 takes place this Saturday from the Grand Hilton Convention Center in Seoul, South Korea. The entire event will be aired live and free on ROAD FC’s official YouTube channel from 3am ET.


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  1. I’d say many us “Yanks” are not so much dismissive of a women’s HW division per se, it’s the level of talent currently being displayed at HW. Very few of these fighters come across as athletes. Gabi, and a few others are exceptions, but then Gabi goes and takes fights against much smaller and/or older fighters, thereby making a joke of the division.

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