Destanie Yarbrough: “Erica Grover is full of sh*t. She is flat out scared to fight me”

It looks like Destanie Yarbrough isn’t a fan of fellow heavyweight contender, Erica Grover. Speaking on social media, Yarbrough blasted “irrelevant” Grover for refusing to accept a fight against her.

Earlier this week, Erica Grover spoke to WMMA Rankings about the growing feud between number-one heavyweight Gabi Garcia and Russian boxing champion, Oxana Gagloeva. During the interview, Grover spoke about how women are refusing to fight her, she also expressed her interest in fighting Garcia.

Yarbrough seen the interview and decided to let her feelings on Grover be known.

Yarbrough feels as though Erica Grover is scared to fight her.

Grover is full of sh*t. She refused to fight me saying she needed at least 6 months to get into shape. She’s irrelevant” Yarbrough wrote.

When a fan asked Yarbrough to clarify, she responded “She said she hadn’t trained in forever. She was just flat out scared to fight me. Her calling Gabi out makes me laugh super out loud

Yarbrough (1-1) is the number-two ranked heavyweight fighter in the world. She made her MMA debut back in April 2016 when she defeated Crystal Parson in the very first round via TKO. She showed excellent stand-up skills, and is by far one of the most skilled heavyweights when it comes to the striking aspect of the sport. She faced off against the number one heavyweight fighter in the world Gabi Garcia last September, losing by way of a first round submission. She has since revealed she is keen for a rematch, and says next time she will let her hands loose more.

Grover (1-1) made a successful professional MMA debut in March 2015, knocking out Jenna Bernick in the first round. She followed up in October of the same year, losing out to Sarah Patterson by way of submission. She says she has been working on her game ever since and is keen to compete again in the near future. She is the number-five ranked heavyweight in the world.

Click HERE to view the WMMA heavyweight world rankings.

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  1. Destanie, no disrespect intended but I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. I train with Erica and I can tell you 100% without a doubt she wouldn’t need 6 months to train!?!? She’s been training non-stop since her last fight!
    She is very much relevant and ready to fight.

  2. Destanie Yarbrough Vs. Jazzy Gabert.
    Shortly after:
    Destanie Yarbrough Vs. Gabi Garcia (or Oxana Gagloeva).

    Erica Vs. Anna Maliukova (or Crystal Parson, or Joaquina Bonfim, or Kate Bloomfield, or Barbara Nepomuceno, or Carlette Ewell, or Katya Kavaleva).

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