Despite flyweight title fight being booked, Valentina Shevchenko is doubtful Montano will actually show up on September 8

Valentina Shevchenko is scheduled to challenge for the UFC flyweight title on September 8 when she battles Nicco Montano in the co-headliner of the UFC 228 pay-per-view.

Shevchenko doubtful that Nicco Montano will show up on September 8.

Montano (4-2) will be returning to the cage almost a year after capturing the title, in the TUF 26 Finale last December. Injuries have postponed the inevitable bout against Shevchenko on a number of occasions, a fight which Shevchenko was hoping to have in July.

“The Bullet” is still doubtful as to whether Nicco Montano will actually show up on September 8, and says she’ll only believe it when they are both locked in that cage.

I hope that Nicco will follow her word and show up in the octagon and fight, because before she’s inside the octagon, I can’t believe she’ll do it,” Shevchenko recently told reporters.

Anything can happen,” she said. “Knowing her, seeing how she was reacting, how she said I’m ready for July 7, and she wanted to fight, but when the UFC came back to her and said let’s do it July 28, she said, ‘I need more time.’ You never know what can happen. Before I see her in the octagon, I will not believe she will do everything right.

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UFC 228 takes place on September 8 from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, United States. The pay-per-view main card featuring Montano vs. Shevchenko will be aired live on pay-per-view from 10pm EST.

Fight fans, do you think Montano will show up at UFC 228? Who do you predict will win the fight? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. hoo hoo hoo…this is some severe smack talk. NIco is plagued by injuries from her earlier career, and i wouldn’t put money on her either having a long career. i believe that is what valentina is referrring too

    1. I think more likely what Shevchenko is referring to may be a comment that Montano made to Serra and Norton in an interview last week. She stated that the arthritis in her foot can be crippling at times and that It can flare up any time. It’s almost like she has her excuse for not showing already lined up.

      Consequently, I find it imperative that the UFC line up someone as backup for an interim title. Perhaps Sijara, but more likely one of the other top 3: Katlyn, Liz or Alexis. Unfortunately, since each has lost to the other, 2 of them by split decisions, it makes choosing the interim title challenger a little challenging. Given that Liz has a history with Valentina, Valentina avenging that loss, dubious as it was, might be the best marketing gimmick.

      1. some people’s have an iron desire to compete. However their bones and joints aren’t up to the grind. At only 29 years Nico’s body is seemingly way past its prime, i’ve heard from you just now, and other interviews that she has all sorts of problems Too bad – she is very pretty and can fight well. I had a gf who’s body was trashed after a life of karate.

        Yes they should get a backup ready.

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