September 28, 2020

DeAnna Bennett talks challenges of quarantine training camp ahead of Thursday’s Invicta return

Invicta FC flyweight DeAnna Bennett flew to Utah after New Jersey shut down due to the spread of COVID-19, as she began her fight camp and spent time with family.

“Once a week, I would go up to Renzo Gracie in New York and train there. That was the last training I got before everything went crazy,” Bennett said. “I was there doing my normal Thursday sparring, and that following Monday is when everything shut down. ‘Ah.. this is somewhere where I don’t want to be – in the center of the pandemic. I’m going to run away now (laughs).’”

“My mother was having pretty serious health problems. I took her to a few doctor’s appointments, and made sure that she stayed at home. If she needed anything, I would get it for her. After this fight, I’m going back to Utah so I can help her with medical situations. I’ll be there for a month to help her out.”

During her time in Utah, Bennett connected with her old teammate Court McGee. She trained at McGee’s house until Ramsey Nijem’s gym The Pit SLC opened.

The flyweight returned to New Jersey two weeks ago – meaning no more Zoom calls with her head coach Brian Wright. She can now follow his instructions physically at Killer B.

Invicta FC will only allow one coach in a fighter’s corner, and fighters will fly out to Kansas City on Sunday. The promotion made some changes from their traditional fight week schedule such as the weigh-ins taking place on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

“I’m used to fights being on Saturdays or Fridays. I’ve gotten used to that routine, where I usually fly out as late as possible,” Bennett said. “Because in the morning I like to get up and go for a workout and do a little bit of fine- tuning – staying sharp and trying to keep my weight down. And now they are flying us an extra day early.”

“I feel bad for my coach because usually, he comes out later on in the week. Now he has to deal with my craziness of weight cutting,” Bennett said. “It’s weird, I’ve never had a fight camp like this. I had about 20 pro fights and this is way different than any other fight week that I’ve come across.”

Bennett faces Leonardo on Thursday night at Invicta 40, the fight card begins at 8 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass.

Cristhian Plasencia

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