Dana White: “We’ve made some mistakes when it comes to Cyborg”

In a recent tell-all interview with MMA Junkie, UFC President Dana White discussed a variety of topics. Among the topics, White talked about the women’s featherweight division, Cris Cyborg, Germaine de Randamie, and Tonya Evinger stepping in for Megan Anderson at UFC 214. Check out the full interview below or scroll down to read his words on Cyborg and the featherweights.

On Tonya Evinger stepping up:

Nah, you know what, she [Megan Anderson] had some personal problems and couldnt do this fight. And Tonya Evinger is a girl who’s been around for a longtime. She’s tough,she’s gritty. And what I’m really looking for is a girl whos gonna go out there and ‘fight’ Cyborg. I believe Tonya Evinger is that woman.

On Germaine de Randamie:

Listen, we make it very clear when you go into that division, you know who you’re gonna be fighting. Basically Cyborg owns that division.You go into the ’45 pound division, and you start, ya know, fighting for a belt or whatever, you know– you’re gonna fight Cyborg.

On if he ever thought of scrapping the featherweight division altogether and comments about Cris Cybrog:

No…Umm, you know, we’ve signed Cyborg. We made a committment to Cyborg. Not everything is easy and not everything is as fun as it is in, ya know, other divisions or whatever. We made a committment to this woman. She’s had a rough go here in the UFC. She hasnt been thrilled with things that have been said, things that have been done. And to be honest with you, we’ve made some mistakes when it comes to Cyborg. The least we can do is get out sh*t together and get this woman a fight for the title.

What do you make of Dana’s comments?

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  1. Yet Cristiane Cyborg Justino is still drinking the UFC Kool-Aid. Just keep mistreating her because she ain’t going nowhere.

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