Dana White says ‘even haters’ can’t deny how good Amanda Nunes is anymore, once again suggests Cyborg is avoiding rematch

Saturday night at the UFC 239 event, Amanda Nunes successfully defended her bantamweight title, defeating Holly Holm via first-round TKO.

The victory marks yet another high-profile one for Nunes, who has already picked up first-round stoppage wins over the likes of Ronda Rousey, Cris Cyborg and Miesha Tate.

In the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White spoke about how he believes Nunes is one of the greatest of all time. He also once again suggested Cyborg is avoiding a rematch against Nunes, despite Cyborg saying otherwise.

What does this remind you of? Anderson Silva, Georges St Pierre, Jon Jones. You know, that’s where she’s at now. She wants the Cyborg rematch, we’re down to make the Cyborg rematch. Cyborg always thinks I’m being whatever to her, I’m not. I don’t blame Cyborg for not wanting this fight, I don’t blame her. I’m not trying to say anything about her. If she doesn’t want it that’s fine, there’s always somebody else.” White said.

She’s got both belts and she’s willing to defend them both and she’s healthy. She’s fighting all the best in the world, destroying them, and she’s not hurt. I just saw her skipping down the hallway in the back whilst I was walking here. She was in the best mood, this woman is tough, she’s unbelievable. Pound-for-pound one of the greatest of all time. But there will be somebody next, if Cyborg doesn’t want the fight then there’s somebody next.” he continued.

It gets to a point where you can’t deny anymore. Even if you’re a hater and denying, and so many people love Holly, they love Holly. You can’t deny it anymore, Amanda Nunes is the sh*t“. White concluded.

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  1. Once again White makes an asshole comment because Cyborg is not one of his favorite people. IMO, Cyborg is doing exactly what she needs to do. She is taking a fight for ring time. In other sports, you need game time. It is a smart move as she looks to improve a hole in her game. White wants instant money while fighters look to make themselves better. Talk about a fighter running, The Bellator Featherweight Chump, Julia Budd. So-called promoter White make that fight happen for Nunes. White, your boy Jones put on a worst display that the OSP Fight. He won the fight because you must do enough to beat the champion but the performance was just as poor as the 2 Silva and Shogun hold on to win back in the day.

    1. Not only that, but for a couple months, when Cyborg was begging for the rematch, Nunes was all like “no, no, why should I rematch … I can’t fit in my jeans anymore …. blah blah blah” . So Cyborg is honoring the fight she’s already signed for , something I wish more fighters would do , rather than jump out of it with 2 weeks or less to go get a better fight.

  2. Amanda’s “haters” don’t ever talk about her fighting anyway, because what the hell could they say?! It’s only ever personal attacks, and Nunes’ achievements have little influence on those (sadly)…

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