Dana White praises ‘amazing human being’ Holly Holm following TKO loss, wants to have a chat about her future: “I care about her”

Holly Holm unsuccessfully challenged for the UFC bantamweight title at Saturday’s UFC 239 event, losing to Amanda Nunes by way of a first-round TKO.

The loss marks the first time Holm has been knocked out in mixed martial arts competition. At the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was full of praise for the 37-year-old.

I don’t want to start going retirement crazy here. She’s had an amazing career. She’s one of the sweetest human beings you could ever meet and if you follow her on Instagram, she trains like a beast, she’s almost 40-years-old and is in ridiculous shape. The things that this woman can do physically with the rings, gymnastics and all that stuff is phenomenal.” White said.

She’s an incredible athlete, she’s an incredible human being. I think she needs to take a look at what’s next for her and what she thinks. I’m just saying that because I care about her, I care about her as a person, she’s amazing. Something we should probably talk about.” he continued.

Holm, also known as ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’, is no doubt a pioneer of combat sports. An eighteen-time world boxing champion, the first woman to have ever held an MMA and boxing world title, after defeating Ronda Rousey via head kick back in 2015.

Fight fans, how do you feel about White’s comments? What do you think is next for Holm? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Holly Holm, 2-5, since she beat Rhonda Rousey. We all can see Dana White and UFC decision makers would love for her to be the face of UFC’S Women’s MMA, but it ain’t happening and she has definitely been given enough opportunities.

  2. I am a Ronda Rousey Fan. I must respect Holm because she is progressing in a sport she does not own. She give what she has every time out. She got caught because of hesitant and drops her arms when kicking. Nunes corner has eyes and saw the flaw. Nunes kick was planned and in the moment. Holm made me a fan of hers. IMO, she fought many fights since the Rousey hurt. Do not believe me take a look at her footwork, something was wrong but the last 2 fights have been much better. Holm hit the bullet flush on the chin and had no effect. She has nothing behind her punches because her footwork was off. I assume an Injury. Nevertheless Holm is a very dangerous female MMA Fighter.

    1. I am a big Holm fan! She did seem hesitant early on– I think she was respecting the power of Amanda. I think the longer the fight went on the better chance she had. Who do you think should be next for Nunes?

  3. Holm = Bantamweight’s 2019 gatekeeper. Or even Featherweight’s, if she wants to take it a bit easier. But the way things are = how they’re meant to be. She never shoulda gotten that fight and she sure as hell wasn’t meant to win… but it’s not retirement time quite yet, I don’t think.

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