September 24, 2020

Cynthia Calvillo talks heated post-fight exchange with Calderwood backstage

In just eleven months, budding strawweight contender Cynthia Calvillo (6-0) has recorded three straight UFC wins. She’s appeared on two back-to-back PPV events and recently co-headlined UFC Fight Night 113. It is no secret that Calvillo’s star is on the rise.

In her most recent appearance at UFC Glasgow, she defeated Scotland’s hometown hero Joanne Calderwood (11-3) by unanimous decision. Fighters and fans alike voiced their opinions on the decision– some agreed with Calvillo’s victory, while others thought Calderwood edged it out. There is arguably no one more upset by the decision than Joanne Calderwood herself though. After Calvillo’s victory, Calvillo told that she and Calderwood exchanged words after the fight. 

It was electric, but I kind of expected it and knew it was going to happen [the crowd reaction to her]. I was hoping to get a little more respect after the fight and I was a little disappointed people were still swearing and throwing stuff at me afterwards, but hey, it’s okay, I expected it I guess.

She [Calderwood] was upset because I wasn’t standing there and playing her game. I said before the bout that there’s the possibility that if the fight goes to a decision I wouldn’t get it because I’m fighting in Scotland. So I said, ‘I better not get robbed,’ and she came up to me and said, ‘What did you say?’ So I said it again, ‘I better not get robbed,’ you know. She was like, ‘What are you talking about? You ran the whole time.’ But I said, ‘Hey, my face isn’t bleeding.’ Anyway, it is what it is. I’m here to fight my fight and not her fight.


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One thought on “Cynthia Calvillo talks heated post-fight exchange with Calderwood backstage

  1. It was clear by the judges scores that they did not value Joanne Calderwood’s constant kicks throughout the fight. Joanne Calderwood used her kicks as jabs the entire fight and she even got in some body shots with those kicks. I think the judges did not comprehend the unorthodox nature of Joanne Calderwood using her kicks as strikes throughout that fight.

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