Cynthia Calvillo: “Karate Hottie can get it too if she wants it next”

Cynthia Calvillo earned the biggest win of her UFC career thus far when she scored a unanimous decision victory over Joanne Calderwood at UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow, Scotland. Calvillo remained undefeated against the Scottish striker and further cemented her name as one of the strawweight division’s rising stars. Calvillo’s first decision victory in the UFC didn’t come without a little controversy though– several fighters and fans alike didn’t completely agree with the judges scorecards. On the UFC FOX post-fight panelist board, middleweight champion Michael Bisping and strawweight contender Michelle Waterson exaplained why they thought Calvillo didn’t do enough to earn the decision win. 

Calvillo took note of Waterson’s opinion, when speaking to after the fight about what’s next, she said,

I’m going to have officially cracked the top-ten now so I’m hoping to get one more fight in before the end of this year. I want the title shot early next year. I’m only going to get better and I’m training hard and everybody sees that I’m getting better every fight. I didn’t really have any names of I want to fight next. But, I haven’t heard completely what she was saying, but I hear Karate Hottie wasn’t saying positive things about me. Look, she can get it too if that’s what she wants. I’m certainly open to that idea. I’m willing to fight Karate Hottie next.

Is this a match-up that you would like to see?

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  1. What is Bisping smoking? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that submission attempts don’t count unless the opponent is submitted. That’s like saying strikes don’t count unless an opponent is KO’ed.

    Regardless, I’m definitely up for a Waterson/Calvillo match-up.

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