Cynthia Calvillo on Joanne Calderwood: “She got off easy. Her face was busted and I almost subbed her twice.”

UFC strawweight Cynthia Calvillo has shared her thoughts on her most recent fight against Joanne Calderwood at July’s UFC Fight Night 113 event in Scotland.

The pair battled in the co-main event, with Cynthia Calvillo (6-0) picking up the biggest victory of her young career against the hometown girl, Joanne Calderwood. Fans have been split when it comes to who they think won the fight. However, Calvillo is adamant she was the rightful winner and feels as though she was the closest to finishing and did the most damage.

“She got off a little easy,” Calvillo told Stud Radio.  My face isn’t the one that’s bleeding,” Calvillo said.

I didn’t take her down (for the majority of the fight), but when I did I almost submitted her and she didn’t want to give me credit. I fought a great MMA fight.

She didn’t do (expletive) to me. Her face was busted. I almost subbed her twice. She was in way more danger the one minute of me playing my game, then I was playing 14 minutes of her (expletive) game.

With the win over Calderwood, Calvillo went from prospect to contender. Calvillo is ranked at number-eight in UFC’s official UFC media rankings, as well as number-ten in the WMMA World Rankings.


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