Cynthia Calvillo confident in fighting at both 115 and 125

At UFC 219, Cynthia Calvillo will attempt to continue her climb toward title contention against her toughest challenge to date in former champ Carla Esparza. However, strawweight gold isn’t the only goal Calvillo has set for herself— the Team Alpha Male product recently expressed to MMA Fighting her desire and willingness to compete and win at both 115 pounds and 125 pounds. 

“Absolutely, (I’ve wanted to move up), as soon as I heard the division was opening because most of my fights have been at 125 before 115,” Calvillo told reporters on Thursday. “This is my fourth fight at 115. But all of my amateur fights and all of that, even my pro debut, were at 125. My other fight was at 120.”

“I’m open to either [division], and I feel like I’m strong enough to compete at 125.” she added. I even competed at 135 when I first started. I just worked with my nutrition.”

Image result for cynthia calvillo weigh inA lot of times when competitors move divisions a major concern is maintaining they’re optimal speed and power. However, Cynthia is assured that she can perform optimally at either weight class— “I feel like I have the same strength. Like I went and did the punching power test and I still produce the same power. So I’m open to it.”

”I feel like it’s all about skill and willpower and mentality, and I feel like it’s defintiley something doable, and I really am gonna give it everything. I’m going to try my hardest and hopefully go down as one of the greatest ever.”

Would you like to see Calvillo fight at flyweight?

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