Cris Cyborg’s coach: “I don’t see anyone else that’s tougher for Cyborg than Holly Holm”

Cris Cyborg‘s striking coach believes Holly Holm is the only woman on the planet who is able to compete with his fighter due to her style of fighting.

Is Holly Holm the only woman able to compete with Cyborg?

Holm (10-4-0) lost a unanimous decision to Cyborg in the main event of last December’s UFC 219 pay-per-view. To date, Holm is the only woman to have ever taken Cyborg to a fifth round. Jason Parillo believes Holm’s style will always make her a tough fight for Cyborg. He believes even reigning UFC bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes would be another easy victory for his fighter.

The style that I knew would always pose the biggest threat for Cris is something like a Holly Holm,” Parillo told MMAjunkie. “I knew Holly Holm was the toughest fighter out there. Still, to date, I don’t see anyone else out there that’s tougher for her than Holly Holm.”

The person who is going to beat Cris Cyborg is Cris Cyborg, or (she retires). Time catches up to all of us,” Parillo said. “But for the most part, Cris Cyborg, I don’t see it. Amanda Nunes, she doesn’t have a – she has a good style. She’s a good fighter with the way she took out Ronda (Rousey). But she’s got a style that’s absolutely perfect for Cris. Cris is going to fight her fight and go out there and do what she does and get it done.”

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Fight fans, do you agree with Parillo? Is Holm the only woman who can compete with Cyborg? Let us know in the comments section below.


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