Cyborg: “UFC needs to establish a true world ranking at 145-pounds. I don’t want to see the division go away when I finally retire”

Cris Cyborg wants to see the UFC do more to establish the 145-pound division.

Cyborg wants to see the UFC develop an actual featherweight division.

Cyborg (19-1, 1 NC), the reigning UFC featherweight world champion, fears that the organization might get rid of her weight-class once she retires. She wants to see the UFC be more “committed to the sport” by establishing an actual rankings list for women at 145-pounds. The UFC currently has top-fifteen world rankings at strawweight, flyweight and bantamweight, but nothing for featherweights.

My management has already asked for Megan Anderson in Perth [at UFC 221],” Cyborg told’s Tom Taylor. “I have faced four-straight opponents who have come up in weight to fight me. I am glad the UFC has made the featherweight division for me, however, it is time to see them be committed to the sport and help continue to establish a true world ranking at 145 [pounds]. I don’t want to see the featherweight division go away when I finally retire, for me it is important to grow the sport and [create] opportunities for other women.

Megan Anderson has won the opportunity to fight me by winning fights in the featherweight division and establishing herself as the #1 contender,” she continued. “If Megan Anderson can not fight, then I feel the next bout should be a girl like Pam Sorensen who is ranked and has been fighting at 145 helping build the division.”

The Brazilian says UFC bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes, would also be a great fight, however she’d prefer to fight a fellow featherweight.

Amanda [Nunes] would make for a great fight, however she left 145 and hasn’t competed at that weight in half a decade. For me, I have spent the past two years  fighting “super fights” in the UFC. It is important for me to show that there are contenders at 145 who have earned the right to fight in the UFC. If Megan Anderson isn’t ready to fight I want to face someone else from the featherweight division.”

WMMA Featherweight World Rankings

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  1. She ain’t wrong. But maybe it will take her finally retiring for other females fighters to want to fight at featherweight. SHE has been so destructive and dominant.

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