Cris Cyborg teases superfight against number-one lightweight Cindy Dandois

UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg has teased a superfight against the number-one lightweight fighter in the world, Cindy “Battlecat” Dandois.

Could Dandois be the woman to defeat UFC featherweight champ, Cris Cyborg?

Cyborg’s (19-1) official website posted up an article about why Dandois is most deserving of the next shot at the UFC featherweight title. The champion reposted the article on all her social media pages.

The Brazilian believes Dandois is more than deserving of the next shot due to her undefeated run at featherweight and lightweight, as well as victories over Megan Anderson, Marloes Coenen, Jorina Baars, King Reina and many more.

Now ranked #1 in the world at 155lbs and Coming off a HUGE win in Japan’s top MMA promotions RIZIN, Cindy Dandois improved her professional record to 10 wins and only 3 defeats. She is a perfect 10-0 at Featherweight and Lightweight with her last victory over King Reina being watched by over 12 million fans on live TV in Japan alone!” Cyborg’s site wrote.

With wins against #1 ranked featherweight contender Megan Anderson, WMMA legend Marloes Coenen, Daria Ibragimova, Sheila Graff, Jessamyn Duke, and Muay Thai legend Jorina Baars, Dandois has proven herself one of the top female fighters in the world. And if Amanda Nunes has earned a title shot coming up 10 pounds to fight Cris Cyborg, feels SHE has EARNED one Coming DOWN 10 pounds to meet Cris Cyborg.” they continued.

WMMA Lightweight World Rankings

WMMA Featherweight World Rankings

Fight fans, do you agree with Cyborg? Is a superfight between number-one featherweight, Cris Cyborg, and number-one lightweight, Cindy Dandois, the next fight to make? Let us know in the comments section below.



    1. Considering Pam Sorenson has stated she would step up and share the cage with Cristiane Cyborg Justino, and Arlene Blencowe wanted to sign with the UFC to fight Cristiane Cyborg Justino when she was a free agent, but the UFC wasn’t interested in signing her, and Jozette Cotton has been publicly been saying for years she wants to fight Cristiane Cyborg Justino, so I wouldn’t say others are running, I would say the UFC isn’t interested in building a Women’s Featherweight division.

  1. I would say Ben and Rodney 83 are BANG ON!
    *politics and $ make the division a 1 woman show.
    It’s why there is only 1 X 145er on their “roster” who is actually fighting all the rest are 135ers.

    It’s also why Cindy, Pam or Megan for that matter (unless it’s a one and done for the Aussie crowd in Feb) won’t get a booking.

    And they would happily take the gamble on Megan because Cris can just take her down.

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