Creepy fan has been Twitter stalking Paige VanZant and he’s taken things to a new low

UFC star Paige VanZant is currently being stalked on Twitter by a creepy fan who feels as though the two should be together.

Paige VanZant has been victim of online harassment this week.

Earlier this week, VanZant revealed that she is no longer single and is currently dating undefeated welterweight prospect, Austin Vanderford.

VanZant’s announcement led to her getting multiple disturbing tweets from a jealous man who is claiming that he would be a perfect match for the UFC fighter. The inappropriate tweets started on Wednesday after VanZant talked about her new boyfriend on Twitter.

The deranged fan, Richie Cauley, who goes by the Twitter username of @KINGxRICHARD89 has been constantly tweeting the UFC star since the revelation. The delusional man has definitely taken things a bit too far in a series of disgusting tweets. Take a look at some of his posts below.


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