Cotton wants out, top lightweight fighters offer to step in for historical championship bout

Just days ago we broke the news that Gateway Fighting Series will be hosting a historical bout on January 28 2017 when Jozette “The #1 Headbusta” Cotton takes on Sarah “Primal” Patterson in a five round fight for the first ever Lightweight World Championship Belt.

We can now reveal Jozette Cotton wants out of the match, she no longer wishes to compete.The two were first scheduled to compete December 10th, however due to an injury Patterson had to pull out and required surgery, which she completed successfully last Wednesday.

The bout was rescheduled for January 28th 2017, however Cotton does not seem pleased she took to Facebook in a foulmouthed rant on Sarah’s page saying  “Same b**ch that act like she want to fight and ask me in messenger…. The same p**sy b**ch to have the next person say she ain’t fighting! Did t need a middle man to set up… But need one to say cant do it YOUR a BUM girl! Be blessed”, she continued “Aye Scary Sarah good luck on your career, if the ? right Jan 28th Ill see you!! If not had your chance DEC 10th BUM!!”. She concluded “See u when i look up a local fight on you!!! Aye but watch me from ? baby!!#MarkmyWords #Blessed“. We have since heard from multiple sources that Cotton is indeed trying to pull out from the bout and is currently trying to fight a woman who has the record of 0-0-0 on the same card.

It appears Cotton is not too keen on taking the fight and would want an unreasonable amount of money to accept the fight. It also appears that even if the fight was to take place, it may not end up being a title bout after all…. Several of Cotton’s fellow competitors in her division have claimed she has failed to make weight throughout her MMA career.

If Cotton pulling out is made official, there are several top fighters from the lightweight division willing to step in and face Patterson in the historic bout instead. When asked for comment Number 3 Lightweight in the world Brittney Elkin told us “F**k yes, that would overly please me. Yeah I would jump at the opportunity. I think she [Jozette Cotton] is a crap human, I don’t know why she thinks she is so entitled.” Elkin is currently undefeated in the 155lbs weight class and has a very good BJJ game. After taking a short break from MMA she returned on August of this year with a vicious first round TKO victory over Kola Shippentower.

Another competitor possibly willing to fight against Patterson in the historic bout is the Number 6 ranked Charlene Donahue. Donahue has only had one fight in her Pro MMA career, she faced off against top ten fighter Jessica Halverson in her debut, a girl who at the time had seven pro fights. Donahue dominated the fight and finished her in round 2 with a choke. She told us “I am certainly interested, but it might be a little soon. However, don’t count me out as I will talk to both of my coaches this week and get their feedback” for fans wondering why Donahue hasn’t been in action this year she revealed “I recently gave birth through emergency c-section on August 5th after having had a very complicated pregnancy which included a few months of bed rest. I have returned to the gym, but am having to regain the full strength and use of my abdominal muscles. I am hoping to fight early next year”. Donahue also weighed in on the Jozette Cotton situation telling us “It is disappointing that as a professional fighter, Jozette is causing such a ruckus both with the promotion and with her opponents. I am a firm believer in displaying good sportsmanship, regardless of the sport in which you participate. Hopefully, a Pro Women’s 155 title fight will still take place … with or without Jozette!”.

Brittney Elkin and Charlene Donahue are certainly very talented, respectful fighters who have both had impressive victories. Both would make for an exciting championship fight with Patterson. Other notable names in the top ten of the division include Bobbi-Jo Dalziel, Gabrielle Holloway, Andria Wawro and Felicia Spencer.

How do you feel about Jozette Cotton wanting more money? Who would you like to see fight Patterson for the Lightweight World Championship instead? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Cotton is a terrible representative of the sport, she has no professionalism, consistently fails to make weight comes into fights physically sloppy and in my opinion is not a seasoned fighter.
    Elkin is definitely the way to go

  2. I think Brittany Elkin deservs the fight to me it is karma for cotton missing weight. But I belive u stop calling people bums and crap cause you don’t agree with her vision.

    Everyone has a vision and maybe it’s to big or to Grand for most then again maybe it’s a way to pull out of a fight.

    I my self have never and I have even had a guy way 17 over. But I’m not going to talk bad on them. You never know maybe the just set the bar to high to cut to much. Or its just not ment to be.

    Let’s spread love not hate and names anyone that fights and walks to the cage gets my vote and somone that realize there in to deep and wants out has my vote to.

    Only warriors should fight brittney is one give her the fight win lose or draw she comes to fight he heart out every time.

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