Cortney Casey falsely accused of failed drug test,cleared of any wrongdoing

Last month at UFC 211 in Dallas, Texas, Cortney Casey defeated Jessica Aguilar via unanimous decision in a women’s strawweight bout. Less then a week after the fight, the Texas Departmant of  Licensing and Regulation overturned Casey’s win to a no-contest and fined the strawweight two-thousand dollars and a three-month suspension for failing a drug test that read her “testosterone-to-epitetosterone levels” were over the Texas limit.

To summarize, according to the TDLR in Texas, a testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio of anything higher 4-1 warrants a failed drug test. Casey’s results read a ratio of 5-1, and thus sanctions were issued.

However, UFC’s VP of Health and Performance, Jeff Novitzky, states that an elevated T:E ratio does not signify use of a prohibited substance. While a higher T:E ratio can be an indication, it certainly does not mean a failure. To clarify, further testing for a ‘B’ sample for Casey was conducted.

The results from Casey’s ‘B’ sample have come back– her isotope-ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) was tested and her results concluded that Casey did not have any prohibited substances in her system. The elevated ratio is likely caused by conintuous use of a contraceptive (birth control).

The UFC and USADA mantain that Casey is not guilty. Casey told Ariel Hewlani that the UFC has exonerated and cleared her of any wrongdoing. Furthermore, Casey stated that the UFC has been nothing short of supportive of the strawweight fighter– even threatening to not return to Texas.

(Full article and link to Casey’s interview on the MMA Hour, click here)


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