Coach Winkeljohn: ‘Holly Holm can pick Cris Cyborg apart. There’s no doubt about that”

Cris Cyborg won her first UFC championship at last month’s UFC 214, knocking out Tonya Evinger for the featherweight title. Her rumored next fight is against former bantamweight champion, Holly Holm.

According to Mike Winkeljohn, Holm challenging Cris Cyborg for the featherweight belt is a real possibility. He likes the former world boxing champion’s chances. Take a look below.

“I think Holly can pick her apart. There’s no doubt about that. What people don’t understand is how strong Holly is too in the clinch, on her feet and moving and stuff. Cris is definitely going to try to do most of her damage by pushing her back against the cage. You know, good luck keeping Holly there and backing her up, coming in that hard.

“But yeah, Cris is really strong, but I think Holly wears her down and is able to stop her. You look at Holly’s knockout percentage, I think her and Amanda Nunes are the biggest out there. She stops all of her fights, everybody else other than ‘Cyborg.’ So Holly has the power to stop ‘Cyborg’ just like ‘Cyborg’ has the power. The difference is Holly’s got speed and her footwork.”

Fight fans, what do you think? Is Cris Cyborg VS Holly Holm the next fight to make? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. I think it would be a great fight but in my opinion I believe that Cyborg would win. She is the most fierce and feared woman. I think that Holm will win only by a head kick.

  2. First, Winklejohn says Holly would fight Cyborg at FW. Then she becomes BW champ, John says Holly would fight in 140 lbs, then Cyborg had to make 135 lbs. Time passes by, Cris can’t fight inaugural FW belt, SUDDENLY Holm can make 145 lbs. She looses and instead of shutting up, Mike Winklejohn says Holly can pick Cyborg apart. CRIS CYBORG IS A TERMINATOR WHO FOCUSED HOLLY AS HER NEXT PERSON TO BE RIPPED APART. And Dana wants this fight too, will push hard for this one to happen.

  3. Only advantage Holm HAD on Cyborg was Boxing technique/footwork. Cris is training straight Boxe and sparring tough with top Boxers bigger than her as Olympian Claressa Shields. She’s not only holding her own in Boxe but overcoming boxers, like one who fought Mayweather/Pacquiao undercard. On the other hand, I don’t see Holly progressing to be able to defeat a BJJ champ, Wrestling champ, Judo yellow belt with the strengh and cardio Cyborg has on the ground. And Cris Cyborg will take Holly down. Cyborg is as fast, strong and agile as Holm. If Holly had such an edge, JW would’ve booked the fight and have Holly being the one to defeat Cyborg in over a decade. Instead, they ran when the fight was possible.

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