Cindy Dandois says Invicta FC does not promote their fighters evenly

Top featherweight competitor Cindy Dandois believes premier women’s mixed martial arts organization Invicta FC does not promote their fighters evenly.

Dandois destroyed Megan Anderson back in September 2015.

It’s no secret Cindy Dandois is not happy with the way organizations and the media have been overlooking her. Earlier this month Megan Anderson captured the interim Invicta FC featherweight champion by defeating Charmaine Tweet. Since the fight, there has been a lot of hype surrounding Anderson, however Dandois believes she is being overlooked. She holds dominant victories over top featherweights including Marloes Coenen, Daria Ibragimova and even Anderson herself and is currently the number two ranked featherweight in the world. Dandois has made her views very known since Anderson’s recent victory. Megan Anderson in response called Dandois “jealous”.

Dandois recently sat down for an interview with ProMMANow. She was asked by Paarth Pande about Megan Anderson’s comments. She pulled no punches, she says Anderson has been given more opportunities by Invicta FC, she believes the organization does not promote their fighters evenly. She reveals she will not fight for the promotion again for such a small amount of money and no respect, she has her sights set on the UFC.

Dandois reveals she will not fight for Invicta FC again, she has her sights set on the UFC.

“I don’t care what she says… she tapped and that’s the truth. If I face her again it will be in the UFC. I don’t see any point in facing her again in Invicta for very small money and for no respect. I don’t need to use her name. I’ve beaten girls better than her and with more wins and a bigger name. She can talk shit now but I am that red dot on her record and thats the fact. I think she did a great job getting that belt. That was a nice fight. Congrats to her… but she got more opportunities and Invicta made work of building her. Nice thing but they should promote girls evenly.”

Following Dandois’ victory over Anderson back in September 2015, Invicta FC refused to give her another fight at featherweight (in which Dandois has enjoyed much success) and instead put her in a bantamweight fight against Jessamyn Duke, a fight in which Dandois won in round one via Scarf Hold Armlock. After not being given anymore fights from the organization she was forced to take a fight with Conquest of the Cage, defeating Anjela Pink in round one, the fight was a 140lb catchweight bout.

Dandois believes another reason Invicta FC have not given her the big fights is because she is from Belgium

I think I am a very underrated fighter. They don’t take me serious and they don’t see me as a real fighter. Point is I don’t have to look like an athlete. And I don’t need to have big muscles to perform or to do what I do. IT Works… Thats it. Also the fact that I live in a small country as Belgium doesn’t help me I guess.”

Do you agree with Dandois? Have Invicta FC been treating her unfairly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. I think Cindy is right. She shouldn’t fight for Invicta anymore. They clearly don’t appreciate her. Dana White should sign her her as a Featherweight. And let her fight the winner of the Hill fight.

  2. Cindy is right.
    I watched her fights and she dominated Megan Anderson and Jessamyn Duke.
    Its ver DISRESPECTFUL of Invicta, and that behaviour towards real fighters as Cindy Dandois, is the reason I dont follow Invicta anymore.
    They play dirty games.

  3. Sounds like she pissed someone at Invicta off. It’s all a popularity game. I can’t see any legitimate reason not to be giving her fights. She’s an exciting fighter to watch. I wish her well in the future.

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