Cindy Dandois on Megan Anderon’s UFC 225 loss: “Now we see why she is and will keep running from Cris Cyborg”

Cindy Dandois believes Megan Anderson‘s performance against Holly Holm at Saturday’s UFC 225 event is proof of why she is not ready to fight UFC featherweight champ, Cris Cyborg.

Dandois destroyed Megan Anderson when the pair fought in 2015.

Anderson suffered a lopsided beatdown at the hands of Holm at UFC 225, ultimately losing a unanimous decision. Dandois (12-3) also owns a notable win over Anderson, dominating and then submitting her in the second round of their Invicta FC 14 meeting back in 2015.

Dandois, who tried out for the upcoming TUF 28, believes fans need to stop making excuses for Anderson’s losses and feels her performance against Holm displays exactly why “she is running from Cris Cyborg“. The “Battlecat” didn’t hold back on social media following last night’s UFC 225 event, take a look below:

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Fight fans, what did you think of Anderson’s performance? Do you believe she has been avoiding Cris Cyborg? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. While Megan definitely has to work on her take down defense and ground game, I was pleasantly surprised with her stand-up. She started off well. But tell me, it has to be a coincidence. This can’t be the same Cindy Dandois that put up such an embarrassingly pathetic display of striking in her fight with Davis.

    1. Yes the same Cindy that had to cut to 135, Made weight and didnt perform well… BUT also the same one that is 12-3, doing great at featherweight with wins over Coenen, Baars, Ibragimova, Duke, king Reina,… oh AND Megan Anderson (with stoppage)… I believe of 12 of her wins she holds 9 stoppages.

  2. Cindy is right. I think it is good Megan is in the UFC but she was signed to fight Cyborg, then she sold Some bullshit and then she could duck Cris and got Holly. Holly Not a groundfighter and Megan just couldnt do anything… if Dandois and Anderson would fight again… I would put my money on Dandois. Even though her striking isnt there. It’s mma!

  3. Cindy is undefeated at 145 and 155. With an 87% finish rate. Her 3 losses are at 135 NOT her natural weight. Just look at Whittaker or Gastellum. The right weight MAKES a difference! All of their losses were in lower weights and when they moved up, bam… Unstoppable!

    And for those who ‘bitch’ about the Davis fight, I love how they forget she BROKE HER FOOT in the 1st round!! But powered through, unlike many male fighters in the UFC who weren’t able to even stand on the same break! ( I won’t name some out of respect but think back just a few months ago?)

    She’s no striker, but she’s a finisher, period! She’s easily Cris’s biggest test out there, because she will take Cris DOWN! Cris will outsrike anyone it’s not rocket science. But can she hold her own against the best grappler in the division? Was Rousey the best striker? No she was also a judoka but WITHOUT THE WRESTLING! And she lastest until she decided she wanted to become a boxer!

    Perspective is everything. And Megan’s striking wasn’t any better or worse not was her grappling. It’s like saying punk was a brand new fighter and he had 2 years not 1 to reinvent his game. Unless you’re a freak athlete it takes 5-10 years. And that’s what all of these elites have. A lifetime of training. Just like Cindy Dandois has in Judoka and Wrestling.

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