Cindy Dandois moves down to featherweight, battles Iren Racz at Staredown FC XII on March 17

Cindy “Battlecat” Dandois moves back down to featherweight division on March 17 when she battles Iren Racz at the Staredown FC XII event on March 17.

Dandois moves back down to the featherweight division on March 17.

Having conquered the lightweight division by taking out King Reina at this past December’s RIZIN FF event, Dandois (10-3-0) now has her sights set on doing the same at featherweight. The 33-year-old has already proven herself at this weight-class once before with dominant victories over Megan Anderson and Marloes Coenen and hopes a second run at the division will lead to an eventual world title shot with the UFC or Bellator MMA.

Racz (4-7-2) will be searching for her first victory in seven fights, having lost five and gone to a draw on the other two. The 35-year-old has two knockout victories to her record.

WMMA Featherweight World Rankings

Staredown FC XII takes place on March 17. More details to follow soon including venue and streaming details.


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  1. I’m not too impressed by the 4-7-2 record of Iren Racz, but hopefully, this means Bellator is on the radar for Cindy Dandois and her management team and that Cindy Dandois is on Bellator’s radar.

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