Cindy Dandois hints at move to Bellator following latest UFC setback

Cindy Dandois is hinting that her new goal is to fight for Bellator’s featherweight division rather than wait any longer for a potential UFC opportunity.

Is Dandois set to join the Bellator MMA roster?

Dandois (12-3-0) recently made it known that she is not happy with the way the UFC has been setting up its featherweight division and feels as though they completely missed the mark with their recent TUF 28 selections. The ‘Battlecat’, who previously admitted she was ‘disappointed’ by the latest UFC setback, has recently been hinting at a move to Bellator MMA on her Twitter page.

In one tweet, Dandois hyped up this Friday’s Bellator featherweight title fight between Julia Budd and Talita Nogueira, referring to it as ‘a real featherweight fight‘ and making a point about how the organization has an actual ‘division‘ for the female 145’ers. In another tweet she said her dream is still to fight Cris Cyborg, but she hopes the Brazilian will someday make her way to Bellator in order for the fight to happen. Take a look below:

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Fight fans, do you think it’s time for Cindy Dandois to join the Bellator MMA roster? Who would you like to see her face? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Maybe that’s the ticket. The last fight between Budd and Arlene Blencowe was one of the most boring I can recall, followed by a poor decision. Hopefully, Budd and Nogueira bring it this time around, but if not, at least Dandois can bring some laughs to the division with her striking.

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