Cindy Dandois furious with the UFC for not being picked for TUF 28 over fighters with few or zero fights

Cindy Dandois is furious with the UFC for not picking her to compete on the upcoming 28th season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Dandois is furious with the UFC for TUF 28 picks.

TUF 28 will feature female featherweights and male heavyweights, the female cast was revealed earlier this week. Dandois (12-3-0), who owns wins over Megan Anderson, Jorina Baars and King Reina, feels ‘disrespected’ by the fact that the UFC have selected natural bantamweights, as well as women with few fights, and in one case zero professional fights.

They took mostly bantamweights and featherweights with two fights or less. Real featherweights with a good record such as myself were not chosen. They chose Bea Malecki who has two amateur fights against girls who had never had a fight before” Dandois told WMMA Rankings.

Pannie Kianzad and Katharina Lehner are both bantamweights, Katharina didn’t even come to try outs. I feel they didn’t even really want to make a real division. They selected 3 featherweights with a baby record and 5 bantamweights.” she continued.

The “Battlecat” also took to her Twitter page to express her frustrations with the UFC.

Fight fans, how do you feel about Dandois’ comments? Do you believe the UFC have made the wrong choices? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. It’s a little mind boggling as to how the made their selection. I never thought much of a FW division in the UFC but this is beyond ridiculous. It would appear from their photos and their records that despite a few attractive fighters, neither looks nor records had much to do with the selection process.

  2. strange decision by ufc not to include these women in tuf.

    maybe pfl will create a 155 or even 165 lb division, for kayla harrison .
    and invite these “free agent” women over.
    as most 145lb fight women cut so much weight to make 145 [eg megan anderson cut from 175 to 145 for her holly holm fight!!] , that they can easily fight at 155 or 165.

    the weight cuts to fight at 155 or 165, thus being less extreme would be healthier for them too

    1. What these organizations need to do is to make anything over 136, an open weight or heavy weight division. Not that you would still find enough fighters to make for an exciting division, but at least you wouldn’t have to resort to the UFC trying to entice some BW to be a sacrificial lamb for Cyborg.

  3. Who is exactly surprised by this? Look at the Scott Coker’s Bellator regime modeling agency, er, Flyweight division. Look at how Scott Coker’s Bellator regime is making sure to take their sweet a_ _ time to add the best looking women featherweight fighters. These MMA organizations are all about having beautiful women in the cage fighting. It’s a shame Cindy Dandois didn’t make the UFC cut, and I wish her well. But what’s the excuse Scott Coker’s Bellator regime are going to have now by not adding to their Women’s Featherweight division? Stop it with the excuse WE ARE STILL BUILDING BELLATOR crap because his Bellator regime is still asking fans to pay full prices for their still building product as if it is built, his Bellator regime is asking fans to take their time to tune in and watch Bellator’s still building product as if it is built. It’s been 4 years of Scott Coker’s Bellator regime, enough with the excuses. Now their are plenty of qualified women featherweight fighters just looking for a chance to showcase their skills on a big stage, entertain us fans, and make a good living for themselves. So no more excuses Scott Coker’s Bellator regime.

    1. Please tell me, Rodney, who these “qualified women featherweight fighters” are. First Strikeforce, then Invicta, accompanied by Bellator, and now finally the UFC have been trying to find them for over a decade, cumulatively. Don’t tell me Dandois, who after nearly 10 years, is still arguably the worst striker in WMMA. Pam Sorenson, Ediane Gomes, Jozette Cotton, Faith Van Duin, Amanda Bell and Charmaine Tweet certainly don’t instill much more confidence. Perhaps you’re thinking of Bellator’sJulia Budd. If so, you must have missed her last fight against Arlene Blencowe, featuring some of the most boring rounds in WMMA, perhaps only exceeded by the first 2 rounds of the Holm/Correia fight.

  4. MMA fans are the most ridiculous fans of their own sport. You were probably in that same crowd of nay sayers when the UFC Kicked off their Women’s Bantamweight division around Rhonda Rousey saying there is no depth, no quality women fighters at bantamweight and blah blah. The world doesn’t stand still nay sayer. There was a time when MMA wasn’t even a sport and it has grown because of exposure, followed up by money. Women Bantamweight fighters were coming up when Elite XC was promoting Gina Carano, and it would have grown if Elite XC didn’t pull the plug on their own organization after idiot backers pulled out after Kimbo Slice lost. The PFL Tournament will cause the division to grow because women will realize they can make a darn good living at fighting in MMA. There are plenty of women featherweight fighters out there itching for the right opportunity to be given a chance and not grovel for it through a try out show of living in a house dealing with that drama. This very site has listed some future up and comers at Featherweight. Nay sayers always with that antiquated outlook. There was a time when the statement was made THERE AREN’T ANY BLACK QUARTERBACKS QUALIFIED TO PLAY IN THE NFL. Can’t listen to nay sayers.

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