Cindy Dandois on Cyborg asking for Pam Sorenson: “It doesn’t seem fair to me, I want this fight and have been begging for years”

Cindy Dandois is not happy with UFC featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg, calling for a fight against Invicta FC’s Pam Sorenson. The “Battlecat” believes she is most deserving of the next shot at Cyborg.

Dandois believes she is most deserving of a shot against Cris Cyborg.

This past Thursday, Cyborg (19-1) told the press that she isn’t happy constantly competing in superfights against smaller bantamweights. She wants the UFC to establish a true women’s featherweight division and believes Pam Sorenson is most deserving of the next shot at her belt.

Dandois (10-3-0) reacted to the news on her official Facebook fanpage.

It seems that it will never be enough, it doesn’t matter what my record is or who I beat, someone is not liking me and that’s enough to get passed over and over again. Try to swallow this again, knowing god has his own plan for me but damn I want to fight this woman and I’ve been begging for years, it just doesn’t seem fair to me.” Dandois said.

33-year-old Dandois is a veteran of the sport who has been fighting as a professional since 2009. She has made it known that she was not fan of the weight cuts she had to endure when competing as a bantamweight. At 145 and 155-pounds, she feels much stronger.

The “Battlecat” has not lost to any woman who currently competes at 145-pounds or above, owning a submission win over Invicta FC featherweight champion, Megan Anderson, as well as a unanimous decision win over women’s MMA pioneer, Marloes Coenen. Last month she picked up quite possibly the biggest win of her career to date, a split-decision over the highly-touted and previously undefeated King Reina, the victory put Dandois at number-one in the 155-pound world rankings.

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Fight fans, who do you think is next deserving of a shot against Cris Cyborg? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. First, Cindy Dandois is not in the UFC. Secondly, WME/UFC doesn’t seem all that interested in building a Women’s Featherweight division. Instead WME/UFC seems to be okay with simply setting one off fights for Cristiane Cyborg Justino and calling it a bogus UFC Women’s Featherweight Title fight. And Cristiane Cyborg Justino is drinking that UFC kool-aid.

  2. I LOVE BAM BAM PAM to bits and personally think she is more well rounded than Megan Anderson. But here is the REALITY:


    Cris has not been tested in YEARS!
    Megan was put on the shelf for “personal reasons” this being in reality that she was a white belt with NO GRAPPLING qualifications, and so was told to go get some!! She’s now a baby blue, not an experienced blue, new blue. But for whatever reason still not ready? Perhaps the UFC know Chris would just do a Cindy on her and people will then look up her ground game and see through the hype? Who knows what’s going on there?

    But Cris deserves a proper division, and Sadly they made the mistake of kicking out Cindy because she didn’t ‘punch enough’. And now it’s come back to haunt them. If I was Cindy I would never go back to those animals, just on principal for trying to change an athletes style and forgetting MMA is not just punchy face.

    This has what’s gotten them into this trouble to begin with! No vision, just trying to get a quick buck from a KO PPV highlight that I’m guessing hasn’t even sold that we’ll we’ll until Holly’s name was on the ticket. Not because Cris is bad, but because people actually thought she might have been half a challenge.

    A 145er walking around near 190 pounds. You NEED 145/155 pound women to fight it’s just that simple. (For the whingy crew, yah Cris said she walks around at that do your homework).

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