Charmaine Tweet not impressed by “chump” Jozette Cotton, wants to keep “that clown” out of Lightweight Number 1 position

Charmaine “Not So Sweet” Tweet is just the latest star to hit out at Number 2 Lightweight in the world Jozette “The #1 Headbusta” Cotton. Cotton is scheduled to face Sarah “Primal” Patterson for the first ever Lightweight World Championship at Gateway Fighting Series on January 28th 2016, the event will air live on PPV. “The #1 Headbusta” hit headlines earlier this week after demanding more money and going on a foul mouthed rant at her upcoming opponent Sarah Patterson.

One woman who is not impressed by Cotton’s behaviour is top five featherweight, Invicta FC’s Charmaine Tweet. Tweet told us “I didn’t know that chump was still fighting. It’s unfortunate that I haven’t fought at lightweight since last October, if for no other reason than to keep that clown out of my #1 position.” Charmaine herself has a big fight coming up as she headlines Invicta FC 21 when she takes on Megan Anderson in Featherweight action.

Tweet isn’t the only woman to have a problem with Cotton. Number 4 155lb fighter in the world Brittney Elkin has previously labelled Cotton “trash”, “waste of a personality” and claimed she would “would love to punch the s**t out of her annoying face”. Other top lightweight competitors including Gabrielle Holloway and Charlene Donahue have also hit out at Cotton this past week saying “I never liked her attitude or image. No female fighter like her” and “It is disappointing that as a professional fighter, Jozette is causing such a ruckus both with the promotion and with her opponents.”

Charmaine Tweet will face off against fellow Top 10 featherweight Megan Anderson in the main event of Invicta FC 21 on January 14th 2017. The event will air live on UFC Fight Pass.

Jozette Cotton will face off against Sarah Patterson in a historical bout to crown the first ever Lightweight World Champion at Gateway Fighting Series on January 28th 2017. The event will air live on PPV.

Do you agree with Charmaine Tweet’s comments on Jozette Cotton? Would you like to see the two face off at some point? Let us know in the comments below.


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