Cat Zingano signs multi-fight deal with Bellator

“Alpha” Cat Zingano is headed to Bellator!

News broke on Tuesday that the former UFC title challenger inked a multi-fight deal with Bellator.

Zingano (10-4) and the UFC parted ways earlier this year due to scheduling complications. Despite being 1-4 in her last 5, Zingano’s release came as a surprise to many.

After her release, Zingano announced that she was hosting season two of the critically acclaimed ESPN series Why We Fight, executively produced by Rousey.

Zingano joins Bec Rawlings and Cris Cyborg as the latest former UFC contenders to join the growing Bellator roster. She will be competing in the featherweight division.

Zingano’s resume boasts impressive wins over the likes of Barb Honchak, Raquel Pennington, Miesha Tate, Amanda Nunes and Marion Reneau.

An debut opponent and date has yet to be announced.

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  1. What a non surprise in Coker’s era Bellator. Yet another ex-UFC fighter signed to Bellator. Now where have we seen that in just this year alone? Oh I know Cristane Cyborg Justino, Leslie Smith, Sabah Homasi, Sergio Pettis, and now Cat Zingano. In 5 years of running Bellator, Scott Coker has made Bellator “The UFC Cast Off MMA Promotion”. It’s like Scott Coker is working for the UFC.

  2. anticereal, Sabah Homasi fought at. UFC 202, UFC 218, and UFC 220, losing all 3 by punches and being finished. Although, Homasi previously had fought in Bellator as well. And according to ESPN’s report, Sergio Pettis has agreed to a multi-fight contract with Bellator that is expected to be signed in the next few days. As far as Coker’s era Bellator signing ex-UFC fighters, well, this year alone it’s been Cristane Cyborg Justino, Cat Zingano, Bec Rawlings, Sergio Pettis, and Sabah Homasi. It’s like Coker has purposely turned Bellator into the UFC Cast Off MMA Promotion.

    1. I can’t really blame Coker. Bellator is definitely 2nd tier, so he knows if someone “was” in the UFC, they’re fairly good, for the most part.

  3. anticereal, I can blame Coker for turning Bellator into being viewed as the UFC’S Cast Offs MMA Promotion by signing so many ex-UFC fighters with many of them being past their prime and killing the Bellator viewership numbers. Bellator 231 Mir vs Nelson, 265,000 average live viewers, Bellator 230, 302,000 average live viewers, Bellator 229, 203,000 average live viewers. Under Bjorn Denney, Bjorn had the attitude of not giving a crap about the UFC and weren’t interested in recycling so many ex-UFC fighters and pushing them to the forefront of Bellator. Bjorn Rebney was too busy letting Bellator build their own stars like Michael Chandler, Eddie Alvarez, Patricio Pitbull Freire, Douglas Lima, Alexander Shlemenko, and so on and having Bellator not being viewed as second rate or being viewed as some UFC Cast off MMA Promotion.

  4. Part of the problem is that the UFC keeps between 500 and 600 fighters on their roster, so the pickings can be kinda slim. Very hard to find the next Michael Chandler, Eddie Alvarez, Pitbull Brothers, when you’re competing against the name recognition of the UFC. And then you can question how good are some of those fighters really, if they’ve beaten lots of fighters we really don’t know how legit they are. I mean look at Ben Askren now! For years, he swore he was the greatest welterweight. He’s now 1-2 in the UFC with the 1 win being controversial. I know he was WSOF a lot and not Bellator, but it’s hard to tell if the Pitbull Brothers are really all that.

  5. The UFC had that roster size of 590 to 690 fighters when Bjorn Denney started Bellator from scratch and he still was able to allow Bellator to find their own stars like Michael Chandler, Patricio Pitbull Freire, Douglas Lima, Alexander Shlemenko, Ben Askren, Andrey Koreshkov, and not rely on promoting many past their prime ex-UFC fighters to be main eventing and co-main eventing Bellator cards like Scott Coker has inundated Bellator with and that has killed off Bellator’s fan base and Scott Coker has never been able to get them back. As far as how well fighters would do in the UFC, no company builds their brand off of that pure nonsense. Stupid thinking like that would never have allowed the MLS to build if they paid attention to what Premier League fans thought. That kind of stupid thinking would never have allowed the Canadian Football League to be around for so long if they were building the CFL on the thoughts of what NFL fans are thinking. Companies build their own stars and not try to build by being knock offs of another established company by signing many of their has beens and then sell it as they are just as good. No companies build their own stars and leave the fans of the other MMA organization always wondering with the arrogant mindsets they will always have, “I wonder how they would do in our company” , “I don’t think they would make it in our company”, and the “they ain’t fighting nobody, let them come to our company” talk. That would keep the intrigued going from those types of viewers, who aren’t really tuning into Bellator anyway, well, building and keeping a totally different viewership base that is totally intrigued by the fighters they haven’t seen anywhere but Bellator. Coker has really missed the boat on that.

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