Cat Zingano reveals she has damage to her eye, considers appealing UFC 232 result

Cat Zingano suffered a first-round TKO loss to Megan Anderson at the UFC 232 event this past Saturday. The result has been a controversial talking point on social media ever since.

Zingano considers launching appeal over UFC 232 result.

The bout ended in bizarre fashion when Anderson landed a high kick to Zingano’s face. As Zingano attempted to dodge the strike, one of Anderson’s toes went directly into her eye, forcing her to turn away from her opponent, with the referee stepping in and ruling it a TKO win for Anderson.

I have a damaged iris, damaged retina, hemorrhage in the back of my eye, increased globe pressure and of course the laceration,” Zingano told ESPN on Monday. “They want me back at the doctor every three to four days to make sure there’s no detachment on the retina.

Right now, they have to keep it dilated and on steroids for the next two weeks to keep the pressure down.

The ‘Alpha’ one also went on to mention that she is considering appealing the result. Should such an appeal be unsuccessful, Megan Anderson has already stated on multiple occasions that she is ‘more than happy’ to grant Zingano a rematch.

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Fight fans, how do you feel about the situation? Should Zingano appeal? Should a rematch be booked? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. the darkest storm cloud hangs over this poor chick.
    – Husband,
    – brain injuries from the Nunes fight
    – now severe eye injuries,
    – and, on the wrong side of 35…

    Someone wife her up , maybe i will LOL or other WMMA superfan and so she can be a MMA trainer instead of going into the meatgrinder. Someone save her from her meathead self.

  2. I feel sorry for Cat; she has the worst luck. But what would be the basis of the appeal? Nothing illegal was done.

  3. In my perfect world, Cat would win her appeal, beat Anderson in a rematch, and pull off the upset of her career by beating Nunes. With title in hand, she would walk off into the sunset- content to train a new generation of bad @sses.

    The End.

  4. Sour grapes do not a fine wine make. What’s next should be Cyborg vs Zingano on the same card as Amanda Nunes 1st title defense against Megan Anderson. The Cyborg/Zingano winner gets the next title shot.

    1. Cyborg has 1 fight left on her contract and indicates she wants to leave afterwards. Maybe she can be persuaded to sign a 1 or 2-fight extension. I think it’s gonna be a lil while before Zingano can train again, but I would love to see her get winner of Nunes vs hopefully Vieira (probably not – she’s still injured, I believe) or Holm. Would be interesting to see if Zingano can beat Nunes twice. That was a crazy comeback when she beat Nunes in 2014 !

  5. I think a rematch should be the next fight for both Gals. Give the Alphacat a fair shot at 145. Megan has class and said after the fight she would give her a rematch if she wanted. So it’s up to the UFC to get it done. March or early April, a grudge Match the fans would love it. Who’s better The Alphacat or The Bunyip @seanshelby @mickmaynard2 @danawhite.

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