Carla Esparza on UFC 225 loss to Claudia Gadelha: “I feel I won the fight, I landed way more. She didn’t do any damage to me”

Carla Esparza is not happy with the way the judges scored her fight against Claudia Gadelha at this past Saturday night’s UFC 225 event.

Esparza believes the judges got the decision wrong at UFC 225.

Esparza (13-5) lost a controversial split decision to Gadelha, prompting the audience to fill the arena with boos. ‘The Cookie Monster’ believes she was the true winner and let her feelings be known post-fight.

I feel I won the fight. I landed way more than [Claudia] and she didn’t do any damage to me when she had control. At the end of the day, you can’t leave these things to the judges to decide…” she told MMA Fighting.

The former UFC strawweight champ went on to release an additional statement for the fans.

Didn’t get the win tonight, lost a split. It’s part of the sport. Thank you so much to my teammates, friends, & fans for the support, I wouldn’t be here without you!” she said.

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Fight fans, who do you believe was the true winner of the UFC 225 fight between Gadelha and Esparza? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. agreed. bad decision. but Carla hurt herself with those low kicks. she should have moved and fought behind a jab more. Gadelha talks a big game, but she has no gas tank and anyone she can’t overpower and smother she is liable to lose to.

  2. Is there any split decision which is not “controversial”. A split decision means it was a close fight which different people will see different ways. On this one, I thought Gadelha won.

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