Carla Esparza believes experience will give her the edge over Tatiana Suarez at UFC 228 on September 8

Carla Esparza returns to action at the UFC 228 event on September 8 when she battles the undefeated TUF 23 winner, Tatiana Suarez.

Esparza is a former UFC strawweight champion.

Esparza (13-5), a former UFC strawweight champion, has a wealth of experience in amateur and collegiate wrestling, however in Suarez, she may have met someone with wrestling credentials to match. Suarez has accomplished a great deal in the sport of freestyle wrestling and prior to making the move to MMA was ranked the number-one freestyle wrestler in the United States at 55kg.

“The Cookie Monster” believes that her experience will give her the edge over Suarez in September.

I think the numbers and the fights speak for themselves,” Esparza told MMANYTT. “You will have seen the type of fights and wars that I’ve been in. It gives me a lot of confidence to overcome anything that anyone can throw at me.

I think she’s been in there and dominated a lot of people and who is to say what’s going to happen, but if it goes into deep waters, I think my experience in the cage is going to give me that edge over her.

The 30-year-old doesn’t believe Suarez has the striking to match her own.

I don’t think she’s shown a lot of versatility in her striking so far, but she’s still young in this sport,” Esparza said.

I think as far as the fight goes, I think she will try turning it into a wrestling match and try to impose her will on me. I know what to expect though and I’m going to more than ready for her.

Esparza explains that she has actually known Suarez for a while and fully understands what a good grappler she is, however she believes Suarez’s jiu-jitsu game “is still a little green”.

I’ve known her for years, we actually grew up together on the local circuit,” Esparza said. “I’ve known of her for a long time and she’s actually been my friend for many years. As far as looking at her on a professional level and looking at her as a fighter, I think she’s a great grappler and a two time world medallist in wrestling on the women’s circuit.

She brings that great grappling game and she has a great front headlock. I think her jiu-jitsu is still a little green, but her guillotine and D’Arces flow nicely from her wrestling so she does a couple of things very well, but I’ll be aware of that.”

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UFC 228 takes place on September 8 from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, United States. The main card featuring Esparza vs. Suarez will be aired live on pay-per-view from 10pm EST.

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