Cage Warriors 82: Molly McCann defeats Lacey Schuckman via unanimous decision

Molly McCann (4-1)/Lacey Schuckman (11-9) Flyweight (125lb’s) Bout

Round 1

Nothing happens in the opening round, both having respect for one another’s abilities, then around (3:54) Schuckman switches levels beautifully looking for a takedown, doesn’t get it, abandons it a second later clinching McCann against the cage, with Schuckman getting the better in the clinch holding McCann against the fence.

The clinch breaks (3:52-3:07) with McCann nicely getting free. As she does, she lands two right hooks, a left, and a knee (3:05-3:00), then Schuckman answers with her own dropping McCann in the process (2:58). Getting interesting now, McCann recovers really quick.

(1:44) McCann lands Three on Schuckman.

(1:34) McCann lands Three More, but Schuckman answers back, good exchange from both.

(1:09) McCann misses, and gets clinched against the cage by Schuckman. (0:47) Clinch breaks, Schuckman controlling more before the clinch broke.

(0:17) Schuckman tries a Push Kick that McCann catches and answers with a Straight Right and then hits a Left Hand.

(0:08) Schuckman tries to brawl by getting overaggressive and eats a Right Hook by McCann that drops Schuckman (most significant strike of the Round).

Round ends with McCann on top landing some Ground-n-Pound, nothing too damaging from that.

Throughout the round, I give it to McCann. Anything that wasn’t listed in the timestamps, nothing significant happened. McCann has a better striking output this Round, but I gotta give Schuckman her props, she showcased impressive striking defense making McCann missing some of her strikes.

Round 2

(4:39) Schuckman throws two leg-kicks nothing significant with McCann checking them, then McCann throws one of her own that lands harder. Good exchange, but McCann took that exchange.

(4:29-4:27) Both throw hands with McCann throwing first hitting a significant strike, but so does Schuckman in return. Really good scrappy exchange there. Both bit down on their mouthguards in that exchange,

(3:38) McCann lands a nice Right Hook on Schuckman, range and the combination was just PERFECT from her.

(3:21-3:19) Both land hands, McCann threw two, one lands, Schuckman threw one it lands. Good exchange.

(2:56) Nothing significant, but two fast hands connect by McCann. She’s throwing beautiful combinations throughout this fight. Impressive defense by Schuckman, some missing by McCann, but she’s landing more.

(2:18) McCann lands a Stiff Jab snapping Schuckman’s Head back

(1:58) Not a significant Left Hook, but McCann lands a nice Left Hook on Schuckman.

(1:52-1:36)) as I stated throughout this fight, Schuckman has shown some very impressive striking defense, and as McCann throws a 1-2 Combination, Schuckman times and ducks under it and clinches McCann.

(1:35) McCann reverses the clinch with Schuckman against the cage (1:30) They separate

(1:25) BEAUTIFUL Double Leg by Schuckman taking down McCann in the process in McCann’s Half-Guard!

Throughout the round is Schuckman with BEAUTIFUL top control, and AMAZING Defense from McCann not allowing Schuckman to pass her Half-Guard, great technical fight!

Round 3

(4:34) McCann throws Three and Lands 1

(4:15) Schuckman switches levels and looks for a takedown, but she goes for it far away. Schuckman reverse it from McCann’s Momentum in trying to defend the takedown and BEAUTIFULLY hits a backtake! (4:14-4:10)

(4:07) McCann rolls over and is having to defend off her back Via her Half-Guard.

(3:55) Nice grappling scrambles up to this point, but Schuckman scrambles through McCann’s impressive Half-Guard and advances to Side Mount.

(3:40) McCann regains Half-Guard, but before that, she eats 3-7 Ground-n-Pound. Nothing heavy but they count.

(3:30) Uh-Oh! McCann is mounted by Schuckman (3:00) McCann regains Half-Guard but throughout that, she ate 5-10 hands, and 4 elbows.

(2:40) Nice space crated by McCann and pushes Schuman off of her and both are back on their feet.

(2:19) Schuckman looks for a Single Leg, but McCann defends it well.

(2:09) Schuckman looks for a Single Leg, can’t get it looking for an Ankle Pick now

(1:57) From The Ankle Pick by Schuckman, she transitions to a Double Leg that looks DEEP. Takes her down only for a second and McCann is back on her feet, but is clinched by Schuckman against the cage.

(1:45) Schuckman against the cage eats 3 knees by McCann (1:34) Clinch breaks

(1:28) Schuckman looking for a Single Leg, McCann hoping, but showcasing nice balance (1:21) McCann good balance, Schuckman abandons the Single Leg.

(1:18) McCann lands a Onverhand Left, Schuckman bites Mouthguard and takes it like a warrior.

(1:04) McCann lands a knee buckling Right Hook and lands a 1-2 afterwards.

(0:26) Schuckman looks for a deep single leg, McCann is defending it well, but is against the cage (0:19) Single Leg Abandoned, McCann is clinched against the cage.

(0:17) McCann has standing back control on Schuckman now. Nothing happens for the rest of the round! Great back-n-forth fight!

McCann threw more, landed more, impressive defending off her back, but Schuckman had her moments with nice striking defense display making McCann’s Combinations missing, and BEAUTIFUL takedowns from Schuckman.

And good top control from Schuckman. Schuckman would land some hands too, but not more than McCann. I have McCann by Unanimous Decision.

Winner – Molly McCann (5-1) Unanimous Decision

Both put on a great fight, McCann had some impressive cardio, I’m noticing. Both are very tired from this scrappy fight! They gave it their all, and left the crowd on their feet in excitement, great must see fight if you have UFC Fight Pass!

If McCann keeps this up, she’s a promising Flyweight Prospect!

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