August 9, 2020

BOXING Shocker: World champ Carlette Ewell claims Alejandra Jimenez was born a man, says WBC covering it up as they want Claressa Shields money fight

Former world heavyweight boxing champ, Carlette Ewell, has come forward with shocking claims that newly-crowned WBC and WBO super middleweight champ, Alejandra Jimenez, was born a man and transitioned into a woman.

Former world champ Carlette Ewell is not happy with the World Boxing Council.

Two huge female boxing bouts took place this past weekend. First, Claressa Shields made history by defeating Ivana Habazin to win the WBC and WBO light middleweight titles. In the process, Shields became the fastest boxer ever, man or woman, to win world titles in three divisions. Meanwhile, Alejandra Jimenez defeated Franchon Crews-Dezurn to win the WBC and WBO super middleweight titles.

Since the weekend, it seems the boxing world is ready to see Shields vs. Jimenez, with boxing media, as well as both fighters and their teams, pushing for the fight to happen.

Claressa Shields made history this past Weekend.

Carlette Ewell, who unsuccessfully challenged Jimenez for the WBC heavyweight title back in 2017, has come forward with shocking claims in a public post on her Facebook page.

Ewell discussed about how she has knowledge that Jimenez was born a man. The boxing pioneer believes Jimenez shouldn’t be fighting woman and feels ‘something needs to be done’ about it. She feels as though Jimenez’s trainers and the World Boxing Council are covering it up as they want the money fight against Shields.

Ewell claims Jimenez (right) was born a male but transitioned to a female.

We should boycott to not fight Alejandra as speculated she was born a MAN and transitioned into what we know as of today a Female. All she did was have breast added and her penis tucked into a vagina. She didn’t have her voice reconfigured tho. She still speaks of a mans tone. The simple test is for Alejandra to prick her finger to have blood drawn to determine the Y Chromosone. Also the test of HCG will tell the birth gender. There are several other tests as well that could be used to know birth gender. Something has to be done tho. Alejandra has also fought Men in Mexico during her amateur reign of 10 bouts.” she said.

This is a f*cking mess and something needs to be done about allowing born males to compete against born females. The natural born strength of a male does not equate to a natural born woman. It’s two different human analysis. Franchon asked for this test and to my knowledge was not granted the test.” she continued.

Better know her team knows this and so does the WBC and everyone is keeping hush-hush because it’s about the Dollars and having Alejandra to fight Claressa“. Ewell wrote in another post on Facebook.

Take a look at the original posts below:

Fight fans, how do you feel about Ewell’s comments? Are you excited for the likely Shields vs. Jimenez super-fight? Let us know in the comments section below.

UPDATE 1: Claressa Shields reacts to shocking claims that likely upcoming opponent Alejandra Jimenez was ‘born a man’

UPDATE 2: The WBC and Alejandra Jimenez respond to shocking claims and jibes made by fellow female boxing stars


35 thoughts on “BOXING Shocker: World champ Carlette Ewell claims Alejandra Jimenez was born a man, says WBC covering it up as they want Claressa Shields money fight

  1. If this is true who ever sanctioned this guy to fight women needs to be throw under the jail. Everyone involved, and to continue to allow this dude to fight women is a joke. Dude can get all the boobs he wants, but he should be fighting men and men only.

    1. This is BS!!! She was born woman, Carlette is a f***g crazy bitch that needs to come up with false statements so people can forget that Alejandra kicked her big stinky ass. F**** you Carlette and all that support her lies!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    2. Jiménez may look like a dude, but you can tell she’s a female. The way she boxes. Boxes like a female. If she was a dude, and boxed like a man, she would have beat murderlized Crews. Than all the haters could talk trash. They must be all drinking the same hateraid. Hood has nothing to do with it. The majority of boxers come from the hood.

    3. I knew it,the moment I saw him nothing said female nothing,Franchon needs to sue for this nonsense, I was really wondering why she was fighting a man.

  2. There is a simple way to resolve this issue: Jimenez should be mandated to take any and all gender birth DNA testing .If Jimenez refuses, then Jimenez should be stripped of all titles won in the women’s athletes category as well banned from any women’s competitive sports for life.

    1. I am with the female boxer trans men should not be allowed to compete against women in any type of female sports….physical differences is in the man’s favor who decided to be a woman….l guess we now have a whole new group to add to the spots world, male, female, and your guess is as good as mine. I am not sure what they want to be refered to as, the they group.

      1. Simple caveman logic. When a man wants to be a woman or vi

        sa versa. ok but there must be a cost. They forfeit the right to compeate in either the womans or mens divisions. Thats the price that they must pay.Same goes for bathrooms they should not be allowed to use regular bathrooms. Instead they only can use bathrooms that are for one person at a time.a simple solution. We need to go back to the majority rules. And go back to using the law of common sense. We most stop tolerating foolishness and demand our representatives do the same.If not replace them with those that will.

  3. Man if this is true, it could be and dangerous for some woman to fight this guy. What if he kills a woman in the ring. The fighter should take the test to put this thing to rest . God forbid something happens. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but she really looks like s man.J

  4. Sit down sour grapes (Carlette Ewell). You sour because she beat you and Crews-Dezurn through discipline and hard work. Something you don’t have by looking at you. First of all, Wikipedia does not say, “Born male and transitioned to female”. You’re the one saying that. Second, she’s so disciplined that she got into boxing at age 23 to lose weight and look at her now (a two division champion)!!! And third, she gave birth to her daughter and is happily married. In conclusion, stop making accusations before knowing all the facts.

    1. This is a horrible mark on boxing if it is true. Someone needs to be locked up for letting a man legally beat on a woman

    2. Actually she didn’t win that fight bub. I personally don’t think she’s a man but except for franchon looking uber tired, she won a super sloppy fight and Jimenez ate a few that would’ve stopped a quite a few females in their tracks. I don’t think she’s a man I do think she’s juicing tho

  5. This gay shit is getting out of hand. The LGBTQP community is pushing their agenda on the masses, with the help of our politicians. They are forcing this satanic way of life even on our children, through cartoons and even through school curriculum. We are living in a modern day sodom and gomorrah.

    1. Exactly right, Tothepoint – though actually Sodom and Gommorrah was a Sunday school picnic compared to what they are turning the western world into!

      As for “testing”, just pull its pants down. Test enough.

  6. This is a hugh sham. This lady totally looks like a man. “If” this is the case it can not be allowed. This is all due to folks wanting to turn a blind eye to what’s going on in the world. No offense but a man is a man no matter what type surgery they get done. But worse yet real talk who the f*** does this to themselves?! Personally I think it’s all completely demonic.

  7. Let’s end this BS. That is 100 percent a man. Enough of this politically correct garbage, people are finally fed up with this and they are speaking out. Dezurn lost her titles to a man not a woman. I don’t care what operations or procedures he had. Biology does not lie. Hey SJWs we are not going to be silent anymore. You want to live in your fantasy world that’s your business, but if it puts an legit athlete like Dezurn or anyone else in danger of injury because some mentally ill guy wants to cut off his johnson and play dress up. Ban this freakshow enough already!!

    1. 😂😂😂😂 you’re so stupid, she’s not a man, you idiot. She’s my niece, dumb ass. She was born as a woman and still is, she gave birth a girl. Can’t believe all of you MFrs actually believe what that’s ugly bitch said about Alejandra, the best thing is Alejandra KICKED CARLETTE BIG UGLY ASS.

  8. Amen Joe Schmo,She was a woman when overweight and poorly trained,NOW living the fighters life she became ELITE now she is something else..What a low Crumbie way to act.This woman has children that may suffer over this..She<———<< 100% feminine female.Give me clippers and I will cut Ewells hair so we can show her what she dished out.Rude!!!

  9. He needs to step down!!!! It’s not fair for him to fight as a femaleI didn’t think he won the fight either. That’s sad. If it sounds like a Duck it’s a Duck!!

  10. I cannot believe how people read this Crap and think that this is in any way aceptable.
    This Carlette woman LOST to Jiménez, and this is a sore loser at it’s Best.
    It is súper disrespectful to Even ask about the validity of any of this BS, and all you have as “proof” is a wiki page, that literally anyone can edit?
    GTFO, this is equal to any random dude approaching a girl on the middle of the street and asking her to strip naked to prove her gender, and when asked why would she need to provide proof of gender, the guy replies:
    “My friend told me that you look like a dude so you have to prove you’re boy to me, just because i say so”

    That, My Friends, is harrasment.

  11. Just another fake media putting out hate speech and homophobic slander! Carlette is a liar and a fraud! She is a charlatan! Carlette knows, as do all women boxing champions and their opponents, you ARE VADA drug tested before and after a title bout and given a pregnancy test before any title bout. By claiming otherwise you are calling every state Boxing Commission a fraud as well as the President of the WBC & WBO.
    Alejandra was born a woman, she has a daughter whom she gave birth to when she was 21 years old. Alejandra is an open lesbian and has never hidden it.
    All you haters need to get a life… all you homophobic jackasses and racist bigots need to check your sorry ass disgusting poor excuse for human life… at the door!
    There is no room for bullying and bullies in the WBC or WBO or any women’s sport!

  12. Alejandra Jiménez es más mujer que todas ustedes juntas , no importa su preferencia sexual porque hasta para llevar una vida digna y plena con su pareja hasta para eso hay que tener valor hay que ser digno y para criar con honor con la mejor educación y ver crecer a 2 niñas también para eso hay que ser tremenda mujer y para ponerse las metas y cumplirlas y jamás abandonar su pasión también hay que ser tremenda mujer , para llevar una relación gay abiertamente ante el mundo donde reina el amor y donde personas como ustedes sólo piensan en hacer daño hay que ser una gran mujer y yo su suegra estoy muy orgullosa de cada uno de sus triunfos porque su esfuerzo y sacrificio lo merecen , y estoy más que segura que ninguna de ustedes conocen el amor ni el respeto deberían ocuparse más de sus vidas ,entrenar más , porque el tiempo que pierden en sus enredos y chismes tigre Jiménez los gana entrenando y por eso es y será la campeona mundial

  13. It’s incredible how people can lose with dignity and respect the fact that some one it’s better, Alex has a family and a daughter, and your accusations are cheap, she is a great example of dedication and hard work, that’s the news that everyone should be talking about it, shame on you and your actions, all this false accusations just speak of your short mind and education

    1. Amen… people are REDNECK FUCKS!! I can’t believe this is a conversation at all!!! She is a woman. All you back woods 2 teeth having sister chasing dip chewing 9th graders need to learn how to spell

  14. Alejandra has pictures out there when she was a heavyweight and you can see she has stretch marks in her belly from having two children. Carlette is mad she got beat and isn’t in the conversation for fighting Shields. If she turned gay later in life and chooses to look like a butch that’s her business.

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