BOXING: Franchón Crews-Dezurn says there are “some very unsettling and suspicious factors” surrounding recent opponent Alejandra Jimenez

This past Saturday, Franchón Crews-Dezurn lost the WBC and WBO female super middleweight titles to Alejandra Jimenez.

Crews-Dezurn (left) lost her super middleweight titles to Jimenez (right) this past Saturday.

Crews-Dezurn (7-2 Pro Boxing Record) won the belts in August 2018, defeating Maricela Cornejo by way of a majority decision. After successfully defending the gold and picking up impressive victories over Kayla Williams and Maricela Corneja, the 32-year-old’s reign as world champ came to an end on Saturday by way of a split decision.

Fight fans and critics are divided when it comes to who they believe truly won the bout. When a fight goes to a split decision, this always leaves open a debate on who the real victor was. Nevertheless, Jimenez was declared the winner and is now being touted for a super-fight against the history-making Claressa Shields.

Crews-Dezurn took to her Twitter page on Tuesday to make some rather interesting comments about her recent bout and opponent in Jimenez.

The former champion says there are some ‘very unsettling and suspicious factors’ surrounding both Jimenez and the fight itself. She also says she was ‘forced’ to take the fight or otherwise would have been stripped off her belts.

There are some very unsettling and suspicious factors surrounding my bout and my opponent. I will address it formally very soon.” Crews-Dezurn wrote.

Let me reiterate before I go, my last tweet is to state there are a lot of things being said unsettling and suspicious but I will deal with facts only and address it in the future. Just know I was forced to fight this person or lose my belts that I worked hard for. I’m done” she concluded.

Crews-Dezurn says there are ‘unsettling and suspicious’ factors surrounding recent opponent, Alejandra Jimenez.

It is unknown at this time what exactly the ‘unsettling and suspicious’ factors to which Crews-Dezurn is alluding to are. However, it appears she plans to reveal more in the future.

Earlier today, WMMA Rankings reported about how former heavyweight boxing champ, Carlette Ewell, made shocking claims that Alejandra Jimenez was born a male and transitioned to a woman. She believes the WBC are covering it up as they want a super-fight against superstar, Claressa Shields.

Fight fans, what fights would you like to see next in the world of women’s boxing? Let us know in the comments section below.


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