BOXING: Claressa Shields reacts to shocking claims that likely upcoming opponent Alejandra Jimenez was ‘born a man’

Boxing superstar Claressa Shields has reacted to shocking claims made by Carlette Ewell that Alejandra Jimenez was born male and transitioned into a female.

Shields made history this past weekend.

Fans are clamouring to see a super-fight between world champions Claressa Shields and Alejandra Jimenez. Both women picked up huge victories this past weekend, and the bout seems the next logical step to take.

However, this past Tuesday, Carlette Ewell, a former boxing heavyweight champ, made some shocking claims. In a lengthy statement, the former champ says that Alejandra Jimenez was born a male and transitioned to a female, she believes the WBC is covering it up as they want to see the money fight between Jimenez and Shields.

Almost 24 hours later, and Shields has issued a statement on the shocking claims made about her likely upcoming opponent.

I don’t know if this is true, but the WBC Boxing doesn’t even allow women to box 3 minute rounds, so why would they allow a man to change into a woman and box. Doesn’t seem logical. But paperwork would be nice.” Shields wrote on Twitter.

Carlette Ewell isn’t the only one to speak out against Alejandra Jimenez.

Franchón Crews-Dezurn, who fought and lost her world titles to Jimenez last Saturday, says there are “some very unsettling and suspicious factors” surrounding her recent opponent.

Fight fans, how do you feel about the latest drama in the world of women’s boxing? Who do you think will win the eventual showdown between Shields and Jimenez? Let us know in the comments section below.

UPDATE: The WBC and Alejandra Jimenez respond to shocking claims and jibes made by fellow female boxing stars



  1. I Don’t think that’s the case, if you see her as a heavyweight she looked way more feminine. I don’t like to label ppl because nowadays you have to be CAREFUL what you say especially if you’re NOT 100% sure. Her boxing skills Looked girly at times. Maybe what should have been questioned was her VADA testing because of The Deepening of the voice, if you google one of the side affects of taking PED’s is that on a female. I hope this gets resolved quickly. Issues like this give an already suffering sport (Female Boxing) a bad name.
    Blessings 🥰

  2. IN today’s world there are many to determine this male or female it has happened in MMA and track& field already hopefully the resolve the issue and put it to bed quickly the sport of female boxing doesn’t need a black eye of this nature.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, Vada testing includes hormone levels to determine whether certain hormones are suppressed or out of proportion to each other or exogenous, all of which would be indicators either of performance-enhancing drug use or exogenous hormone injection or consumption. For example, with men, they test for total testosterone, the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone, and whether or not the testosterone is synthetic. I seriously doubt one would be able to transition and not have suspicious blood markers.

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