BOXING: The WBC and Alejandra Jimenez respond to shocking claims and jibes made by fellow female boxing stars

The World Boxing Council (WBC) and Alejandra Jimenez, have responded to the shocking accusations and jibes made by fellow boxing stars.

Jimenez won the WBC and WBO super middleweight titles this past Saturday.

Jimenez (13-0-1, Pro Boxing Record) won the WBC and WBO super middleweight titles this past Saturday after defeating Franchón Crews-Dezurn via split decision. The victory sets up a super-fight against the history-making three weight-division champ, Claressa Shields.

Since Jimenez’s big win, the 32-year-old has been hit by public accusations and remarks from several of her fellow female boxing stars.

Former heavyweight champ, Carlette Ewell, who lost to Jimenez in 2017, claims her former foe was born a man and transitioned to a woman. She believes the WBC are covering it up as they want to see the money-fight against Claressa Shields. Shields herself reacted to the claims, saying she doubts these accusations are true, but wouldn’t mind seeing some “paperwork”.

The previously mentioned Crews-Dezurn has also come forward saying there are “some very unsettling and suspicious factors” surrounding Jimenez and their recent fight.

Jimenez will likely fight Claressa Shields next.

Now, both the WBC and Jimenez have responded to these comments. In a short-statement sent to WMMA Rankings in Spanish, Jimenez assures fans that she is a clean fighter and that the WBC have already made the ‘necessary approvals’.

Hicieron la apruebas necesarias. Por eso estoy en Boxeo Limpio.” the 32-year-old said in Spanish. Which translates to, “They made the necessary approvals. That’s why I’m in clean Boxing“.

Meanwhile, the WBC have released a lengthy statement. Take a look below:

It is shameful and regrettable to read the irresponsible, defamatory, discriminatory and untrue comments on social media concerning Alejandra Jimenez, our proud WBC Super Middleweight World Champion. The individuals writing such rubbish and the organizations publishing it have zero moral integrity. It is the WBC’s duty to set the record straight and stop the horrible and inhuman attack on a person who is an example and motivation to the world.

In a sport like boxing, which traditionally has prided itself for being accepting of people from all strata of life and on the diversity of its participants, our Champion Alejandra Jimenez is being the target of attacks for having the courage to live an openly gay lifestyle and manifesting an appearance that is pleasing to her and her community.

Alejandra Jimenez is being bullied and deprived of the most deserving moment of glory . She should be lauded and praised as the role model she is. Instead, she finds herself having to defend her appearance and lifestyle.

Alejandra Jimenez is a 31-year-old single mother. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Ailime, at the age of 21. As a young woman, after the birth of her daughter, Alejandra was excessively overweight. At the age of 23, she found a boxing gym, which eventually changed her life. She made her professional boxing debut 5 years ago at the age of 26.

Alejandra has worked very hard and has overcome all type of obstacles. She reached the maximum glory in her sport by winning the WBC Heavyweight World Championship against Martha Salazar in Cancun in March of 2016.

She then inspired herself and through exemplary effort and sacrifice set her goal to fight at a considerably lower weight in the Super Middleweight division. This past Saturday night Alejandra defeated Franchon Crews Dezurn and became the WBC Super Middleweight World Champion. In route of doing so, Alejandra subjected herself to a complex out-of-competition anti-doping testing protocol conducted through the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA). Each and every test result was negative.

The WBC is often questioned because it has the strongest and most protective health and safety standards in women’s boxing including, but not limited to: VADA anti-doping testing; ten-round bout limit; two-minute per round duration; safer glove sizes; and mandatory pre-bout pregnancy testing. We also have a history of social activism to promote fairness and diversity in the sport and in the human condition including widely promoted public campaigns to combat bullying and drug use, and to promote sportsmanship and inclusion in and out of the ring.

The false and completely unsubstantiated accusations hurled at our WBC World Super Middleweight Champion, Alejandra Jimenez, offend the boxing community as well as society, but most importantly, Alejandra.

The WBC remains proud of our Champion, Alejandra Jimenez, her amazing accomplishments, and continue to stand by her through her glory.

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  1. Sore losers, she has accomplished more that they have done. The upcoming fight with Clarissa will be a treat to us fans, as both young ladies are awesome

  2. Let’s just be sure on these allegations and so that it’ll be fair I have both ladies test test I just don’t want something like this to ruin women boxing I’m a 69 year old black male that loves boxing. Clear up have someone that’s totally independent from the fight business to conduct these tests so that we wouldn’t know if either one of these people was born a male or or taking male hormones or any other substance that would ruin women boxing

  3. I understand the comments of all fighters and the WBC. For better transparency and to bring closure to the boxing community before an official fight day; lets test Clarissa and Alejandra. Boxing is my favorite sport as a woman. I love the action of both fighters. I don’t want to be deprived. However, if neither boxer is asking for a gender test. I SAY LETS GET IT ONNNN!!! WHAT’S THE HOLD UP???

  4. Take a test, all that talk means nothing. That chick looks too much like a man and I have heard she sounds like one as well, which im pretty sure that’s her goal or else she wouldn’t walk around looking like that. Since that’s the goal why be mad that people are wondering if she is a man when that’s what she is presenting to the world. If you want to be treated like a woman or don’t want be questioned if you are one then look like one. People have the right to know the truth if she is going to jump her masculine looking self into the ring with a woman.

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