Bobbi-Jo Dalziel talks Cotton victory, plans for Invicta FC, how she will beat ‘Cyborg’, Nunes VS Rousey, why she fights and more

Meet the number 1 lightweight fighter in the world Canada’s Bobbi-Jo Dalziel. Dalziel (3-0-0) has had a huge year, just three fights into her career she has already managed to become the Number 1 ranked 155lbs fighter in the world. She made her pro debut back in 2014 defeating former Invicta FC star Tamikka Brents with a TKO by knees. She made her return in March of this year and defeated the current Number 5 Lightweight Andria Wawro in just 30 seconds of Round 1, knocking her out with a kick. The biggest win of her career in just her third fight came October 2016 when she defeated former lightweight undefeated queen Jozette Cotton in a dominant unanimous decision victory to claim the Number 1 position for the 155lb weight class.

Dalziel talks openly to us about a number of topics including her huge victory over Jozette Cotton, plans to move down to featherweight to fight for Invicta FC, a potential bout against Cyborg, Rousey VS Nunes, why she started fighting, her biggest inspirations and lots more. You can view the full transcript of the interview below.

bobbi-jo-d-4You recently defeated former Number 1 ranked Lightweight in the world, the previously undefeated Jozette Cotton. What do you think about Cotton as an opponent, did anything about your fight with her surprise you?
I did, she was a huge challenge and a fight I looked forward to for a couple months. Her number one ranking was obviously hers for a reason, she is a very tough fighter who has fought through the rankings to get where she is, she will do well in this sport.
Beating her was something I needed to do to become better, I knew what I needed to do and it was all I could focus on. She was very nice and humble once meeting her, we may fight again in the future if the cards fall right.
Do you feel a sense of achievement knowing she was the Number 1 ranked Lightweight?
Of course, it’s what I wanted and I’m very proud for taking that fight.
How did you get in to the sport?
Got into kickboxing when I was 22 mostly for a workout, then was asked to take it more seriously. About a year later starting training MMA, then had my fight cage fight, after that I was hooked.

What does it mean for you to be a fighter?
It’s a constant challenge for me to keep sharp, always needing to get better, yet be the smart fighter rather than an impulsive fighter, use what I know I can do and become better.

Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?
Prefer to keep it standing and keep the fight exciting. Almost every fight goes to the ground, but the stand up battle has always been where my heart is.

What’s your favourite strike or submission to use in any fight?
Kicks, have always been my favourite, when you’re 6′ tall why wouldn’t they be.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Always admired GSP, Anderson Silva, and Cyborg, but my biggest inspiration, would have to say my grandmother. She was inspiring.

What separates you from every other fighter in your division?
My height, most women at 155, even 145 are not 6′ tall, so I have the reach and length that allows me to have the advantage in certain situations.

What team are you currently training with?
Training with sarnias WE ARE MMA. Very lucky to have such a strong team and a wide variety of talent from ground work to stand up, but we are all pretty close so training is fun, we try to grow together and push one another harder so our fights are easy.

Where would you like to fight next?
I have been in contact with Invicta [which airs on UFC Fight Pass], they said get to 145 and we have a spot for you, so that’s my next step, trying to get to 145.

Cris ‘Cyborg’ currently fights at 145. Is a fight with Cyborg something you would like one day?
I think every real fighter out there who wants to fight the best asks themselves if this is a fight they want, and why they want it. She’s the best in the world at her weight, so anyone wanting to be the best wants to fight the best, and cyborg is the best. So yes, one day if I were to get to her level I would take that fight. I would watch her when I was just starting and always said she’s unreal, and she’s only gotten better.

What do you think it will take to beat Cyborg?
Everything! Keeping your distance, length, movement, and to stay away from her power, fight smart and hard. You don’t beat her in her own game, you try and beat her with your game, so make your game worth it.

Big fight for Women’s MMA on December 30th, the return of Ronda Rousey. How do you see Rousey VS Amanda Nunes going, do you believe Ronda will return the same?
She’s obviously working hard after her defeat, she will be motivated to get in there and reclaim her status. Amanda Nunes is no joke she’s deserving of that shot and the best fighter that night will take it. Hats off to both of them.

Any plans to fight anytime soon?
Once I talk to a nutritionist I’ll be able to see where I stand on getting down to 145 and staying healthy. I see him at the end of the month and I’ll go from there. Other than that there are no plans for a fight till 2017.

If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?
I take each fight as the most difficult challenge, always trying to fight someone better than myself so each fight is my hardest challenge. I don’t want a fight an find easy, I use the challenge to motivate me, a dream fight would be a fight at the top, against who, I can’t say, but always looking for a great fight.
What’s your five year plan?
At 30, I’ll be trying to get to the top with as many years as I can left in this sport. Taking #1 spot with only 3 pro fights is amazing, I thank my team for picking the girls who were the best fights, the most challenging, which has got me where I am today. I hope to see myself in Invicta at 145, so let’s bring on the future for new Challenges.

What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career?
Being the fighter who always took the hard fights, and was challenged in each fight to rise to the occasion.

Bobbi-Jo Dalziel is certainly one woman to watch out for as we approach 2017. In such a short amount of time she’s claimed the Number 1 status at the 155lbs weight class, and now she’s ready to go to Invicta FC and do the same at 145lbs. ‘Cyborg’ better watch out, she may have finally met her match.

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Are you excited to see Bobbi-Jo Dalziel move down to the featherweight division? Do you think Cris ‘Cyborg’ has finally met her match? Let us know in the comments below.


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