Blackzilians 6’5ft kickboxing world champ Katya Kavaleva is WWE bound

The 6’5ft kickboxing world champion Katya “Dominator” Kavaleva who trains at one of the best MMA gyms in the world Blackzilians is set to join the WWE in 2017. The “Dominator” has previously revealed to us that she is the

Kavaleva is a former heavyweight kickboxing world champion.

toughest female in this world” and has “dared” any woman in combat sports to face her.

Kavaleva has been invited to tryout for the WWE from the 1st of February to the 4th. The WWE are said to be very interested in the 6’5ft beauty, with her marketable image and naturally athletic ability she is on the fast track to superstardom. She tells us on the opportunity:
I am so so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to tryout for the most amazing entertainment company. I want to show people my true inner person. Yes I am big and strong and sometimes can be a little crazy. I guess I am like a real life Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde I can be sweet soft and real woman like but in an instant can snap and power-bomb someone through the ring! I am

The 6’5ft kickboxer is set for fast track to superstardom in 2017.

mostly today just feeling honoured to even have this chance to be in the same ring as legends“.

The 6’5ft kickboxer had been campaigning for a MMA fight with Brazil’s Gabi Garcia for much of 2016, with fans speculating the two would finally face off on December 31st at the Rizin FF year-end event. Last month it was revealed Garcia would indeed be fighting on December 31st, however it would be against a 52 year old retired pro-wrestler named Shinobu Kandori. This led to fans claiming that Garcia and her team are afraid of the 6’5ft kickboxer. Kavaleva believes that the Brazilian stands “no chance” against her.

Despite the likely move to the WWE, Kavaleva may still fight in MMA if the money is right. We’ve seen Brock Lesnar fight for the UFC whilst still being under contract with the WWE, it’s very possible the same could happen with Kavaleva.

Are you excited to see Kavaleva in the WWE? Who would you like to see her face? Let us know in the comments below.

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