Bellator’s Keri Melendez calls out UFC’s Aspen Ladd: “Why are you trying to make Leslie Smith look like she is scared?”

Bellator’s Keri Melendez is unhappy with Aspen Ladd for failing to make weight for her UFC Fight Night 128 showdown and then “trying to make Leslie Smith look like she is scared”.

Melendez is not happy with Aspen Ladd.

Ladd was scheduled to take on Smith this Saturday at the UFC Fight Night 128 event, however Ladd failed to make weight and Smith opted to not accept the bout at a catchweight.

Following the cancellation, Ladd released an official statement for the fans. It appears Keri Melendez is unhappy with Ladd’s statement and believes she’s trying to depict her teammate, Leslie Smith, in a bad light.

Why are you trying to make Leslie Smith look like she is scared? My girl fought Cris Cyborg! You missed weight after knowing about the fight 10 weeks prior. Politics are now involved, thanks to you. And you should have class and clear that up.” Melendez wrote on Twitter.

Take a look at Melendez’ original posts below.



  1. Why didn’t leslie take the fight, it’s a 2 pound diff, and a offer was extended from Aspen’s camp. Leslie says this is her last fight on her contract, and thinks the UFC may not re sign her because of her efforts to unionize the fighters.
    So maybe she did a defensive move to get more time as a ufc fighter , by taking a valid (if slightly punky) reason to cancel the fight.

      1. I think because of all of he political stuff going on with project spearhead. I think she wanted a fair fight and with Aspen not making weight she didn’t have to go through the straining process of cutting those last pounds which everyone says is the toughest part of the cut. I think she felt she needed a win so taking the fight and losing put her on the chopping block but I think that is happening anyway.

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