Bellator’s Anastasia Yankova staying positive despite first loss and “slightly dented” face

Bellator Flyweight fighter Anastasia Yankova just suffered her first professional loss, but publicly, she is taking the loss to Kate Jackson in stride.

She posted several Instagram messages. One included a picture of her receiving a pep talk from UFC and MMA legend Royce Gracie. The post, which was originally posted by her coach, Mike Swick, read as follows:


The other post included the following picture and caption:

Veteran martial arts writer also published in Black Belt and Fight! Magazine.


  1. What is there for Anastasia Yankova to hang her head about? She lost to one of the more experienced MMA fighters in Bellator’s Women’s Flyweight division, something not even Bellator’s Women’s Flyweight Champion, Ilima Lei MacFarlane has done. All MMA fighters lose when they step up in competition at some point. So get back in that gym and improve, which fighters tend to do after a loss.

  2. Her face was a lot worse than dented after her victory over Arteaga, but she’s now more beautiful than ever. Apparently she knows a very good cosmetic plastic surgeon for necessary reconstructions. She’ll be back and better than ever. Apparently she has no interests outside of fighting and her art work. She’s an MMA nun.

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