#Bellator195 results: The “Warhorse” continues on the warpath

Tonight, at Bellator 195, two flyweight contenders did battle as former title challenger Emily Ducote met the up and coming Kristina Williams. 

In the first round, both fighters looked tentative. Ducote struggled to close the distance against the noticeably larger Williams, who showed the dexterity in her legs with a variety of kicks. In the last few seconds, Ducote managed to get a trip takedown.

In the second frame, both fighters were finding their range. Ducote was able to lad combos by rushing in and getting out of the pocket. Williams ended all of the exchanges with a high kick and both fighters has good moments. At the end of the round, Williams flurries forward with elbows but got clipped by a Ducote right.

The final frame was similar to the second. Mike Goldberg described the fight as a “backyard brawl”. Both fighters found combinations. In the last minute, Ducote shot in for a double leg to get the takedown. Williams defended well but Ducote was able to maneuver to side control and then to mount. She whipped to the side for an arm bar that was super close but ran out of time!

Kristina Williams def. Emily Ducote via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28).

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  1. Awful judging from my point of view. I thought Emily Ducote won Rounds 2 and 3 to pull out the victory. But judging across MMA, no matter the state, seems to always favor the prospect in close decisions.

      1. I had to mute the broadcast as well because Chael Sonnen was just so annoying. I’d much rather hear Big John McCarthy.

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