#Bellator186 Results: Ilima Macfarlane becomes inaugural flyweight champ

Tonight in the co-main event of Bellator 186, Bellator crowned its inaugural flyweight champion in a highly anticipated rematch between Ilima-Lei “Iliminator” Macfarlane and Emily “Gordinha” Ducote. Check out our round-by-round coverage below!

Round 1: This is a five round fight! The ladies meet in the middle and immediately start trading, tight shots coming from Ilima-Lei. Ducote lands a solid leg kick causing Macfarlane to want to clinch. Ducote stays on her feet though. Back at striking range after breaking out of the clinch. Macfarlane is landing some really nice shots but Ducote is throwing right back. Three minutes into the fight and Macfarlane is appearing to be the stronger fighter in the clinch. Macfarlane takes Ducote down and lands some heavy ground and pound. Macfarlane works for a neck crank but Ducote fishes out of it– she manages to capture Ilima in half guard but spends the rest of the round taking punishment on the bottom, including several submission attempts from Ilima.

Round 2: Ilima-Lei confident after a dominant first round. It’s hard to tell but it looks like there is some blood on Ducote’s face. You can really see the striking improvement from Macfarlane– her shots look crisp and powerful. Emily is starting to find a home for a solid leg kick that she keeps going to.  The output from both fighters has slowed this round. Ducote seems to be finding her range better this round but Macfarlane is likely ahead. Fifteen seconds left in the round, Macfarlane shoots for a single leg takedown but Ducote shrugs it off.

Round 3: Ducote is sticking with that low leg kick. Macfarlane flurries forward but Ducote gets out of the way. Ilima catches a low kick from Ducote and uses it to enter the clinch. Nice knees and uppercuts inside the clinch form Macfarlane. Strong grip in the clinch from Ilima but eventually Emily breaks free. Halfway through the round and Macfarlane lands a really nice straight combination.  Macfarlane is throwing straight punches whilst Ducote is firing back with hooks. Macfarlane looking for that takedown but Ducote with some really good takedown defense. Ilima heists Emily up in the air and secures the takedown but with only fifteen seconds left on the clock, Emily makes it the championship rounds.

Round 4: The commentators agree that Macfarlane is likely up three rounds to none but Ducote is not one to be counted out. More of the same from round three so far. Surprisingly, the majority of this fight has taken place on the feet. Macfarlane attempts a spinning back fist but is out of range. Both fighters throwing actively but it’s continuously Ilima who is in range and landing. Ducote lands a nice leg kick that briefly buckles the leg of Ilima. Ducote rushes in to take Macfarlane down but Ilima-Lei hooks Emily’s arm and flips! Ducote hops back up and manages to Macfarlane down and end up on top. Ilima-Lei fires from off her back with elbows. The bell sounds. A lot of action in the last thirty seconds of that round!

Round 5: Superman punch attempt from Ilima-Lei to open the round. Ducote still seems a little hesitant to engage due to the surprising punching power of Macfarlane. Mac farlane’s leg is welting due to those continued leg kicks from Ducote. About two minutes into the round, we end up on the ground– Ducote in top position and Macfarlane working from the bottom. Ilima is using a really flexible guard to control the posture of Ducote from the bottom. Ilima-Lei looks to sink in a triangle, but she suddenly transitions to a slick cross armbar! Macfarlane gets the quick tap after a dominant performance!

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane defeats Emily Ducote via fifth-round armbar verbal submission.

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