#Bellator185 Results: Lisa Blaine upsets Ana Julaton via split decision

Tonight, at Bellator 185, former boxing world champion Ana Julaton faced fellow Bellator newcomer Lisa Blaine in a flyweight main card opener. 

Round 1: The fighters meet in the middle. Ana Julaton really testing out the rand with a variety of kicks. Lisa Blaine not throwing so much yet. We clinch against the cage and position is reversed a couple of times but it is mostly Julaton who is controlling the against the cage. Blaine gets a late takedown and attempts a guillotine but runs out of time.

Round 2: Similar start to this round! Julaton surprisingly throwing kicks, almost exclusively. She catches a kick from Blaine. Back at distance. Mid-round Blaine gets another takedown but Julaton reverses position and winds up on top. The round ends when both fighters are back on their feet. A nice spinning back kick to the mid section landed for Julaton before the round closed.

Round 3: Very well could be 1-1 so far on the scorecards but wouldn’t be surprised if it was any other way. Julaton still looking for kicks. Julaton is the aggressor. Blaine gets a third body lock style takedown! This time she is much more active from the top, mixing in elbows and hammer shots! Julaton is also active from her back. At one point, the ref warns Julaton to be careful of illegal upkicks to the head. In the last 30 seconds of the fight, Julaton shoves Blaine off and Blaine let’s her to her feet. They clinch and get in some nice dirty boxing before the bell rings.

Lisa Blaine defeats Ana Julaton via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). 

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