Bellator president promises to keep Cris Cyborg ‘much more active’ than UFC, talks about potential title shot

Bellator MMA president Scott Coker has revealed that he believes newly-signed Cris Cyborg ‘definitely deserves’ an immediate title shot against reigning featherweight champ, Julia Budd.

In a recent interview with MMAJunkie, when asked if Cyborg will be getting a crack at the belt, Coker said “(Cyborg) definitely deserves it,”. He then went on to explain how Cyborg’s Bellator run will be different to her UFC one.

We’re going to keep her much more active, and two, they’re not in the 145-pound weight class business, and we are,” he said. “So to me, it’s something I think that we’ve been growing this weight class for the last two, three years, and Cyborg is a great addition to it.

She will have girls in her weight class to fight, whereas in the UFC, I think it was like, let’s see who we can sign to fight her for a one-off, or make people move up to fight her from a different weight class. But the commitment was never to start a 145-pound weight class – it was always somebody just to fight her. I think that’s the difference. We’ll do this one right.”

Fight fans, are you excited to see Cris Cyborg in Bellator MMA? Aside from the champ, who else would you like to see her matched up against?


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  1. Coker promises more activity for her. Really? This has been Julia Budd’s activity under Coker, Julia Budd fought twice in 2015, fought once in 2016, fought twice in 2017, fought once in 2018, and has fought once in 2019. And Julia Budd is Bellator’s Women’s Featherweight Champion. Coker, another typical combat sports promoter, over promising and under delivering. I’ll believe the Cyborg getting more fights activity when I see it.

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