Bec Rawlings reveals the real reason for Ashlee Evans-Smith not liking her, relates to shamed MMA fighter Julian Wallace

Bec Rawlings has responded to Ashlee Evans-Smith’s recent trash talk and revealed the real reason she’s not liked by her.

Rawlings will face Ashlee-Evans Smith on the early preliminary card of this Saturday’s UFC 223 event.

Evans-Smith (5-3) will make her flyweight debut on the early preliminary card of this upcoming Saturday’s UFC 223 event when she battles Rawlings (7-7). Heading into the fight, Smith has publicly trashed Rawlings in media interviews on multiple occasions.

The “Rebel Girl” initially told the press that her coaches are “unimpressed” when watching tape on Rawlings, claiming that game planning for the upcoming fight has been “easier” than normal. She later went on to brand Rawlings “embarrassing”, “raunchy” and “given MMA a bad name”

Rawlings was recently asked by fans on her Facebook page about Evans-Smith’s comments.

It’s not my fault i was born sexy! She actually dislikes me because i tried to warn her about him [Julian Wallace]. She’s just clutching at straws with these comments.” Rawlings said. (More can be seen at the bottom of this post).

Ashlee Evans-Smith dated Julian Wallace for a period of time after he pleaded guilty to assaulting former fiancee Jessica-Rose Clark.

The Australian is of course referring back to when Evans-Smith dated the infamous and shamed MMA fighter, Julian Wallace.

Wallace is an MMA fighter with a 6-4 record who gained notoriety in 2014 after attempting to intimidate and shove Ben Nguyen at the weigh-ins of their Nitro MMA fight, Nguyen went on to knock him out in just 25-seconds. Videos of the incident have gone viral with the most viewed at over 22 million on YouTube.

More seriously, he is also known for his physical abuse of fellow MMA fighter and current UFC contender, Jessica-Rose Clark. In 2016 Wallace pleaded guilty to assaulting Clarke, admitting that at one time he had her in a choke hold and kicked her in the face ‘because she bought him the wrong noodles for dinner’. The two split up and Wallace begun to date Evans-Smith for a period of time, Rawlings evidently tried to warn her against dating him but she wasn’t having it.

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UFC 223 takes place on April 7 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The early preliminary card featuring Rawlings vs. Evans-Smith will be aired live on UFC Fight Pass from 6:15pm EST.

Fight fans, how do you see this flyweight showdown going? Who do you predict will win, Bec Rawlings or Ashlee Evans-Smith? Let us know in the comments section below.


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