Barbara Nepomuceno’s coach: “We have asked to fight Gabi Garcia many times but Gabi has always said no”

Augusto Nasser, the head coach to WGP super-middleweight kickboxing champion, Barbara Nepomuceno, claims that Gabi Garcia has flat out refused to accept a fight against his athlete on several occasions.

Nepomuceno will look to make her MMA debut in January 2018.

Last month, Nepomuceno revealed she is looking to make her professional MMA debut, after years of dominating the kickboxing scene in the super-middleweight division. Fan interest in the 27-year-old’s MMA debut has been huge, with many speculating she could be a potential opponent for Gabi Garcia.

Speaking to WMMA Rankings, Nasser reveals that Nepomuceno is indeed looking to make her MMA debut as part of the heavyweight division. He claims that they have asked for the fight against Gabi Garcia many times, however Garcia has always declined. He says Nepomuceno is willing to fight some of the other RIZIN female heavyweights, in order to prove she is a legit threat to Garcia.

Barbara will make her MMA debut as a heavyweight. We have asked for a fight against Gabi Garcia many times but Gabi has always said no. Gabi doesn’t want to fight with my girl” Nasser said.

If RIZIN wants, we are able to fight against the girls who Gabi has already beaten. We can show RIZIN why we are a real challenge to Gabi.” Nasser continued.

Nasser says that they are still very much interested in a fight against Garcia, or indeed any other female heavyweight. However, Nepomuceno is currently battling an injury and will look to make her MMA debut in January 2018.

In her last fight she injured her knee. Not from a strike but when she and her opponent where in the clinch, she broke the ligaments in her knee. So she can’t fight until January” Nasser explained.

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Fight fans, how do you feel about Coach Nasser’s comments? Who would you like to see Barbara Nepomuceno face? Let us know in the comments section below.


    1. Barb’s striking is obviously far superior but Gabi’s BJJ is far better. Bummer about Barb’s knee. With her out and not being able to train, and Gabi focusing on improving her striking, she could be ready for her by the time Barb makes her debut. However, Barb’s mgt. should have her work up the ladder to get comfortable w/MMA.

  1. What’s the hurry here? Hasn’t even had one MMA fight and her coach is talking crap. And on top of that Barbara Nepomunceno is injured and won’t be able to fight until January, so what’s the point of talking his crap now?

  2. I think that Gabi is afraid to lose for someone coming from a super-middleweight division. Maybe Gabi is refusing the fight because she knows there is a huge change of losing it.

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