Barbara Nepomuceno: “If Oxana Gagloeva was not poked in the eye, she would have knocked Gabi Garcia out”

Barbara Nepomuceno’s coach, Augusto Nasser, has slammed Gabi Garcia for being a “joke” and refusing to accept fights against real opponents. He also believes that Garcia would have been knocked out in her last fight, had she not poked her opponent, Oxana Gagloeva, in the eye.

Nepomuceno is a super-middleweight kickboxing world champion who recently announced she is set to make the transition to MMA in a bid to take out the number-one heavyweight fighter in the world, Gabi Garcia. Take a look at her coach’s comments below.

In my opinion Gabi Garcia’s contributions to MMA up until now have been a joke. She has never had to fight with a real opponent. On July 29 if Oxana Gagloeva was not poked in the eye, she would have knocked Gabi Garcia out” Nepomuceno’s coach stated.

Last month’s eagerly anticipated heavyweight fight between Garcia and Russian boxing champion, Gagloeva, only lasted 16 seconds, ending in a no-contest. Garcia landed an accidental eye poke in the first round, Gagloeva had five minutes to recover but refused to continue. During the five-minute period in which the Russian was allowed time to recover, she looked visibly upset and was seen telling the RIZIN staff that she believes Garcia poked her in the eye on purpose. The commentators quickly refuted these claims, explaining that Garcia was setting up a kick and had her hand out whilst doing so.

Since the fight, it has been revealed that Gagloeva suffered a severely damaged cornea due to the eye-poke. Meanwhile, Garcia has publicly branded the Russian a “p**sy” and “coward“, as well as claiming that Oxana is lying about the eye injury. A rematch between the pair has been teased for later this year.

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  1. The article headline makes it sound as if Barbara said those things but in the article it states that her coach made those comments. Leave it to the media to start a problem. This is an outright lie

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