Barb Honchack reflects on career resurgence, time in #TUF26 house

On Friday at The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the former Invicta FC flyweight champion, Barb “Little Warrior” Honchack, will make her official UFC debut against fan favorite flyweight Roxanne Modafferi. Before the fight, Honchack spoke to MMA Junkie to discuss her reflect on her time in the house, her career goals, and her opponent on Friday night.

On the process of The Ultimate Fighter: “I feel really great about the whole process. The house was good, the coaches were great, all the girls in there were awesome to spend six weeks with. I feel really good about it.”

On returning to the fight game after a three-year hiatus: “I mean I took three years off.  The sport evolves, rapidly. In three years, I wasn’t necessarily sure where I was gonna fall with the girls. So making it as far as I did in the house, I thought was a success. Especially after a long break and only really having a couple of weeks–I honestly started training, well training hard, when the show was announced. I felt like a long break and a short duration to get ready for it, I was pretty happy with where I ended up.”

On her passion for MMA: “Oh yeah. I never lost the passion. I just had things in my life happen that tok me out of it for a while. I thought of different ways to get back into it, but when I saw the announcement for the show– I knew. I knew that’s how I was gonna come back.

On Sijara Eubanks vs Nicco Montano: “Oh yeah, they’re definitely more talented than their seeds suggested. Both Nicco and Sijara are very tough. very game opponents. I think both of them were sponges in the house– they both improved over the six weeks that they were there, vastly. Both extremely underestimated from the beginning of the show until the end.

On fighting Roxanne on Friday: “Yeah, they (the UFC) asked and I just said, ‘yup.’ I mean, Roxanne and I have fought once before. I knew even on the show that she wanted the rematch and the fans obviously wanted that rematch so I wasn’t surprised at all when they offered me that fight. I’m more excited than anything– I think, being away from the sport for so long, now that I get to be back in it, I feel just like happy to be here and grateful to do it. I’m lucky that I get to do this for my job. I’m just grateful and excited.

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